Day 21 Module O – completion

Module O

Observe your stress – completion

How to evaluate your diary (2 minutes)

Understanding your peak symptoms (13 min)

Additional material

Next week module P – the 4 strategies

In the next module, there are four strategies to change your situation.

You have to calm your stress and your symptoms, preferably every day.

There are four simple strategies used by people worldwide that have improved their health or even healed them. This works no matter what illness they have. I have combined this knowledge with my findings as a therapist, treating people with chronic conditions.

I have organized the knowledge to understand why these strategies work and so you can choose your unique combination of useful tools. Every person has their individual preferences and options. The next module will help you find a practical road to health regardless of whether you live in a big city or a small village if you are in a busy job or retired.

¤ See if you can find a pattern in your mood in relation to the situations

¤ See if you can find a pattern in your symptoms in relation to the situations
¤ Notice all your beliefs from the diary:
¤ How many positive beliefs do you have?
¤ How many negative beliefs do you have

¤ Find a person you can discuss this with

Write to and get answers to your questions if it is not easy to interpret the above

¤ Every week when you have the time to dig deeper, go to the library section of this course, watch the videos, and read the articles.

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