Day 43 – Ready for next step?

Good by and see you soon

With these last quotes I will, say good luck and see you soon in a group or class.

It is my intension to invite new coaches, Therapist, trainers etc. to join.

I have build this webportal to facilitate the transition from this course to the real world.

Until now march 2022 it is more a demo platform than a real portal.

Think it like a construction for a new gym or a shopping center for not only people that want to reduce symptoms, but also people that want to improve their mental state. AND not to forget all other people.

It could also be people that will sell a book or a device.

Until now we have only this rule:
Nothing with medication, nutrients, or vitamins, herbs, operations, injections, needles – this is a pill free concept.

We are not going to send food around the globe!

And I do not know where to draw the line. You and you doctor will find out which vitamins and minerals you need.

So if you know someone that have time to this project this could be an option.

If you will help me to support Gary Sharp for the enormous job he has done to convert this course and bringing the group to live please support his fund here. Without him I had giving up this project.

It is easier to bring out a person from symptoms and diagnoses that to tame Facebook or reach interested people all over the globe.
That is my quote 🙂

“Have no fear of perfection. You’ll never reach it.”

Salvador Dali

Perfectionism can stress you and give you symptoms.

So do not even think about being perfect. You are just doing the best you can.

Forgive yourself and other people if you or they do not do it like you think it should be done.

Maybe your standards are too high.

“When you live for a strong purpose, then hard work isn’t an option. It’s a necessity.”

Steve Pavlina