Day 28 Module P – Pacify stress – an overview

Presentation of the four strategies

Here is the overview page of the 4 strategies you can find on the next pages:

  1. Live as intended
  2. Strenuous training
  3. Inner peace, active training
  4. Clean up your life – past and present

Note: be aware that you have got 5 (FIVE) new pages this week – this presentation page and 4 pages with the 4 strategies.

I want you to read the two that appeal to you.

If you have the energy stretch your mind and read all the pages, so you know WHY you did not choose the other two. It is good to have some alternatives.

 Intro to Module P (4 minutes)

 Presentation of the 4 strategies (7 minutes)

The decision – how will you stay stress, symptom, and disease-free in the future

If you choose only one method, you will need to use a longer time each day in this strategy.

Choosing two different strategies will make it easier for you.

I explain to you WHY these four strategies work even on chronic diseases like Parkinson’s and Sclerosis. You’ve got some of this explanation already:

Most people are trapped in biological stress – fight, flee and freeze
or become stressed by emotions

A symptom is both mental and physical, and we can work both ways to achieve a good result. Body memories often play a big role in symptoms.

Here are some things to consider when choosing your two strategies:

  • They are generalized strategies, so you have to personalize them to use them at home or in your local area.
  • You’ll only make it happen if you have some interest in what you need to do. If you do not like to run, an activity that is based on running will probably never have a chance to motivate you to do the persistent work that is needed.
  • Maybe you are already working on one strategy and can take in another one right away.

Rome was not built in a day, so start with one strategy and build the second one slowly.

If you cannot activate yourself, you will get help in Module E, where I will help you find the inner motivation to use the necessary time.

You can now begin to consider which of these four ways you can start with. Maybe you’re already into sports. Perhaps it can be intensified.

Exercise is good to have as the number 2 choice as there are so many good reasons to be in good shape.

Time spent

You can start to think about how many hours you want to spend per day to get better.

Here is the general idea:

  • With one hour per day, you can slow down the progress of your disease. If you are healthy right now I will guess that it is enough to stay healthy.
  • With two hours you can probably avoid that your symptoms get worse.
  • Tree hours a day is typically what people around the world use to reduce symptoms from a chronic disease. The worse the disease, the more hours per day.

Live as intended is a full-time “job” if that is your first strategy.

When you find out how good you start to feel, you have no doubt about that it is worth the time.


There will be some of you that do not have the energy to start this. You might either look at the module “Reactivate your life” or go to a therapist for faster progress. To be in instinct stress, have body memories, or be hit by strong feelings costs you a lot of energy. But you must do something to get out of bad conditions you are in. Your life is long and you need it to be as good as possible.

Work with the belife that body and mind is two sides of the same coin – yes you can become better.

  • Start walking and raise with ten steps more every 2. day or every week.
  • Find a good therapist.

Still in doubt:

Do you believe spending time with this helps your stress, symptoms, or your emotions?

If not, do you remember the placebo surgeries for knee and shoulder pain?

I didn’t think it was possible either, but it is. Placebo effect is just an invented and silly name for a body in a calm state with all body functions in the most optimal gear.

Doing this work will change you as a person and your body will change as well. Search the internet for your diagnosis in English, followed by the word “stress“, and see if others have seen a connection. If so, you might also get an improvement implementing all this.

Track progress

With the first three strategies, just retake the diary every three months and see if you are doing better or have to choose another strategy or use more time.

With the fourth strategies, use the diary to find hints as to what your root cause of stress, feelings, and symptoms are.

Feel free to send me an email at if there is anything I need to help you regarding this.

Stressfull job

Some people experience an improvement in their stress and symptoms when they retire.

They simply leave the stress at work. If it was the only place in their life where they experienced stress, then stress and symptoms can drop to almost 0.

If there is also stress in privacy or your mind, stress, and symptoms will naturally follow into retirement unless you use one of the strategies.

HOMEWORK to do during the week
Before moving on to the next pages, make a list:

Which strategies do you already use?
Which activities have you been joining during your life?
Mark which of these strategies above make you happy

The practical aspect:
How much money are you ready to spend to get better health?
How much time are you ready to spend to get better health?

Which 2 strategies do you right now want to add to your daily routine?

What belief do you have about you starting up new activities?

How will you overcome negative beliefs?

Every day when you have the time to dig deeper: Go to the library section of this course and watch the videos and read the articles

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