Day 35 -Module E – Engage to heal

Module E – Engage to heal

Intro to module E (2 minutes)

How to get the energy to start this work (7 minutes)

Values of life and why they are important to your healing (8 minutes)

 Exercise: Find your values (9 minutes)

Exercise: Check if your live life according to your values (8 minutes)

Only for you who liked the last exercise! More of the same – looking into your habits.

Exercise: A big push to start the work towards better health
(8 minutes)

End of this course (1 minute)

The next days you get a few more quotes and good beliefs.

Remember that you need to do something NOW. You will soon forget this if you do nat start to implement things from the course

NOW is actually the only time you can make a change in your life.

Luckily life is a lot of “now” moments. But right NOW is always the best moment.

HOMEWORK to do during the week
Think and write down:
What did this video do to you mood and motivations?

Write a list:
¤ What is the handfull of initiative you feel like implementing?
¤ Prioritize them
¤ What are the 3 first small steps you will do to start your journey to better health and better mood?
¤ When are you going to do these 3 steps?
¤ What will you do tomorrow?

¤ Do you want to join a forum where you can continue this work and get support?

Idea to activities. Better small and easy to implement than so big that you procrastinate:

¤ Find a fitness center.
¤ Buy a book about gardening
¤ Buy good shoes to do the chosen activities
¤ Find a friend that will join you
¤ Tell family that you only answer messages x times a day/week

When you have the time to dig deeper: Go to the library section of this course and watch the videos and read the articles

Course overview