Day 13 – You are unique and capable

Reactivate your body

Your diary notes have gone on for a week now. Well done.

If you forgot, just pick it up again. 🙂

A forgiving attitude is the best. And some people need to think a lot before they start.
But let it take weeks rather than month or years. Every day is a new chance to change habits.

We need one more week of notes to see if you can have some recurrent episodes of symptoms peaks.

This makes it is easier to see any pattern in the stories.

So this week, I will pass on small body hacks for those who have an energy shortage.

Belief: “Whatever I think I am, I am always more than that.”

If you have any bad thoughts about yourself, you focus on a tiny part of who you are.

You are not happy with all areas related to yourself right now.

Even if you hired a good writer to describe you, it would take months before this person described everything about you. And She or he would never finish the writing about you. All your opinions, actions, beliefs, and values, including those to come in the future, would be able to fill many pages of thick books.

People would describe you with other words than you would use and say positive things about you, and you would be happy if you knew them. In addition, there are all the things you can choose to do in the future to be added to your story.

So you can always choose to step up for yourself and develop new skills and habits that support a better future for your health and your relations.

“Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.”

Tori Amos

“It is the fight alone that pleases us, not the victory.”

Blaise Pascal

My comment: Just being on the road that helps you to get better is rewarding. It might take a long time to be 100% healed, so enjoy the small steps in the right direction and the short moments without symptoms.