Day 10 – Search for information

“Mindfulness is observing and asking why.
Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why.”

Amit Ray

That is what we do in module O. Start observing when your symptoms vary and then ask why. The next is to see the pattern and use this as a clue to healing these small stress symptoms of yours.

Belief: “All knowledge and insight are there if you seek them.”

Others have been in the same trouble as you and have found a way to better mental or physical health. With the right keywords, the Internet is a treasure trove of knowledge.

In this course, I have collected a lot of knowledge about how to get better. I hope you will help me to help others by sharing this course. We need people to get better so we can all help to make a better world. More happy people, and a healthy globe as well, is the overall goal for me.

“To learn by observation is traveling. People must also bring knowledge with them.”

Bayard Taylor