Day 26 – Who is in charge?

Are you going to help yourself or will you be a victim of your current situation or other peoples bad days? Or will you take on this belief that gives you your power back?

It is not easy but it is ok that it takes some time to get access to this power.

Belief: “I control my mind and thus my results”.

As you develop personally, you can choose in which direction you want to go to.

If you are not happy with your life, you can choose to change, seek new knowledge, and thus achieve results/feelings/actions other than the ones you have now. You will be able to develop more positive beliefs and thoughts by working with whatever obstacles you have that are your bottleneck to better mental and physical health.

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

Robert F. Kennedy

It is so easy to talk harshly to yourself. And that probably gives you some bad symptoms and feelings. But if you remember that this is a process and you are doing the best you can, then even a failure can be changed into a success story.

There was one day you skipped a strategy session and gave your self a good time on the couch.  As long as you did not talk badly to yourself, it is ok. You’ll continue tomorrow. Maybe you had a fall and feel terrible. Change it around. Perhaps you had a moment with smaller symptoms or bigger courage and invested it in an activity when you fell over. That is just you using new energy.

When you are active, you are at the risk of some injury. That is better than being passive.

If you take a wrong strategy in the first place, and it turns out that it is not working for you, it is just time to try something else. You can only win.

“It is not whether you get knocked down.
It´s whether you get up.”

Vince Lombardi

Of course, life gives you some hard times once in a while. We have all been there. It is whether you can come up again that’s the question.

Maybe sink into the feelings and stay there for minutes or hours. It is ok. Just stay in the feeling without resistance. You are having a hard time, and we have all been there. Just stay as long as it takes.

The body will not keep you there forever. Trust yourself. If you do not fight yourself or do not keep “the facade,” you will slowly return to your stable mood.

Just be there in the feeling. Maybe a memory shows itself. If you are lucky, you’ll see the event that once exposed you to this feeling. It might be a body memory. Just stay in the feeling until it leaves.