Day 27 – Open your eyes and mind

Before module P

In the next module, you will get some choices. It is the digested knowledge I have found on the internet.

Some survivors tell about their healing stories and what they did. I have read a lot of these stories and can see the pattern in the stories. I combined it with the knowledge I got from helping people with chronic diseases via therapy and coaching.

No survivor did the same, so you must get the knowledge, so you understand why these strategies are working. Then you must combine them with your possibilities in your local area, your time, and your capabilities.
IF you want to become better and reduce your stress-related symptoms it is just to read and choose between the strategies.

Persistent work and finding out what works for you is part of this. You can also choose to let the ideas settle down for later use.

When you have read the next pages you know how to reduce symptoms, you have the knowledge of why it works.
I do what I can to motivate you in the last module.

“Every situation has several choices.“

If you think your life situation leaves you with only one choice, that is not true.

Ask others what options and solutions they can see.In this module,

I give you four general strategies. In each strategy, there are hundreds of sub-strategies depending on your interests, daily schedule, physical capabilities, and local possibilities.

“If you don´t like the road you´re walking, start paving another one.”

Dolly Parton

The people who are capable of dragging themselves out of a devastating diagnosis have a lot of things in common.

One thing is that they try a strategy for a certain amount of time. They are persistent and without a doubt.

Suppose this strategy is not working and gives them the relief that lasts only as long as you could expect from the placebo effect.

They move on, do not regret their choice, and continue with another option.

“Sometimes, the smallest decisions can change your life forever.”

Keri Russell

The next module consists of 5 subpages

  • An overview page explaining what to do next it is called: Overview of the 4 strategies
  • 4 Pages about the 4 different strategies you can choose (1-4).

Overview of the modules