Day 14 Reactivate your body

Reactivate your body

Kickstart a new life through natural body hacks

I hope that for a week now, you have written down your feelings and symptoms. If not, it’s not too late. It’s never too late to start getting better. So if you haven’t gotten started, today is an excellent day to start the diary for last week.

It is best to make the diary for 14 days as you probably have a few days with something unexpected and stressful.

So this module is a bonus for you while waiting for you to get a baseline on your current symptoms. If you want more well-being in your life in general, this is a good place to start. This module also tells a little about what to do with more stable symptoms that do NOT vary.

Intro to “Reactivate Your Body” (3 minutes)

Kick-starting the energy (8 minutes)

Why you lost your energy? Why your body got weaker and weaker

For those of you who don’t have a healthy diet (1 minute)

A fantastic lifestyle change – drink vegetable smoothies every day.
If you have a meal with mainly bread or spaghetti, exchange this meal with a vegetable smoothie.
This is an easy body hack to get more vitamins and minerals.

Keep your balance and avoid falling (2 minutes)

For you who are unsteady on your legs – kickstart your balance

Fascia the underestimated organ (1 minute)

Start stretching your body when you wake up, during the day, and before sleeping.

Brain training

What you do not use, you lose. That is also true with brain functions. So if you have any problems with your brain or are afraid of losing your skills, you can try out these two very good programs. You can stay in their free section for a very long time and still get the benefit.

Lumosity very nice games that give you 10 minutes of exercise every day.

NeuroNation these games are not explained as well, but that is part of it, to figure out the idea. There are more memory games in this.

Start doing easy exercises every day to kickstart your life

The 5 Tibetans with yoga instructor Daniel Kidney (9 minutes)

Here is a routine you can follow. It is the smallest series of exercises I know that gives you whole-body training.
It includes training of your balance, which most exercises forget. That is why it is so good.

Introduction of Daniel Kidney (3 minutes)

Daniel has a chronic disease called essential tremor, which has symptoms similar to Parkinson’s disease.
Instinctively, he has chosen to use all the strategies that I will tell you about in Module P. I am glad to have helped him speed up his better health journey. Because of this, he helps me make this course perfect by giving you examples of how to help yourself.
Here are exercises you can incorporate into your daily routine. Due to his intensive work, he has reduced his tremor to an insignificant tremor that does not stop him in his daily life. If you want his help feel free to email him at

Morning stretch routine (11 minutes)

Jacobs examples of a good morning routine. Exercises start after 2 minutes.

Face and eye exercises (5 minutes)

Fingers and arms exercises (17 minutes)

HOMEWORK to do during the week
¤ Fill out the symptom diary every day.

¤ Make a list:
A: Which comforts are you ready to let go of?
B: Which of the mentioned new ideas are you ready to try?

¤ Would you benefit from going to a local therapist specializing in loosening up old body cramps and stiff fascia?

Every day when you have the time to dig deeper, go to the library section of this course, watch the videos, and read the articles.


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