28.4 Pacify stress – reduce the root cause

4. Strategy: Clean up your life – past and present

Find the root cause of your stress and eliminate it now and forever

I’m glad you chose to read this page.

Therapy is the most effective way to reduce stress. With a competent therapist, you can simply remove the reason why you are stressed.

But it may take time to notice the improvement if this is your first time trying to “clean up your past.” Most people have a lot of resistance at first, as it requires some confidence in either the techniques or the person that guides you.

In general, you can say that healthy skepticism is good, but it can also prevent you from getting better. Like everything else, it requires balance.

In short: If you want to save time, you can use the strategy “Clean up your life, past and present”.

  • There may be things in your past that stress you every day.
  • You may have some beliefs that do not benefit you.

There may be things you can’t see for yourself and need someone that is not involved in your situation to show you.

Cleaning up your past is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your loved ones. You simply become a calmer, more complete version of yourself, with a better mood, more energy, and self-esteem. A therapist or coach is the ideal person to help you kickstart your recovery.

I hope one day I have a team of competent therapists around the world that can help me to support you all according to the hope shortcut method. So you get this broad coaching approach for your journey to better health.

 Intro to Clean up your past and present (13 minutes)

How to remove body memories and trauma (6 minutes)

Hear Julia talking about cleaning up past and present (8 minutes)

Julia got the Parkinson’s diagnosis. Or actually, after therapy we have removed most typically Parkinson’s symptoms, so she ended up with another diagnosis. That is also some sort of success.
Most people have a lot of different stress symptoms. It is not always your symptoms fits into the classic diagnosis. But as long as you get smaller stress, the symptoms will also get smaller.

This video tells why theraphy works. And I use thei knowledge to heal you..

If you want my help here is a link to my evaluation formula

Clean up your body from old traumas via a therapist using manual therapy (22 minutes)

Read the text below the video for full benefit.
It is a raw cut video for you that will show how Michael with Parkinson’s disease straightens his body.

Comments on the video above

Here’s how a Sacral therapist (not a Cranio-Sacral) treats one of my Parkinson’s clients. Your body must have the best opportunities to function optimally.

A skilled therapist can reset any problems that arise from your childhood, but if you give your body the gift of neutralizing problems related to you being born, it will help you enormously.

If you were cramped tightly in your mother’s womb or were born a little crooked, there may be muscle groups that are still cramped or inactive.

It is a slightly raw movie, as it was a hard job to edit it. You do not need to see it all. Browsing through the video is OK.
We get right into the video, where the therapist is about to make Michael’s legs equal in length.

Michael has always been told his whole life that one leg was shorter than the other. But that is rarely the case. It is just that one side of his body is more cramped than the other, due to his time in the womb.

After this session, Michael went straight home and threw out the extra insole in his shoes.

He also had a larynx that was very crooked and he had difficulty turning his head to one side.
This problem gets better during this and the next therapy. At first sight it has little to do with his Parkinson’s diagnosis, but by correcting these things, his body will be better able to deal with the problems he has due to his disease.
Watch it if you think it sounds interesting. There are a couple of passages without sound where I have speeded up the video.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

The best technique to use at a distance is EFT, also called tapping.

There are a lot of other techniques used by me and other therapists. The therapist need to guide you because we do not know if it is too hard for you to be confronted with you trauma.

With EFT, you can safely

  • Remove a violent trauma
  • Remove all emotions, all symptoms, and reduce thought …… for a short time
  • Retrain better and calmer thoughts
  • Remove the fear of future situations

It’s one of the first techniques I show people because they can use it themselves.

EFT is not always the most effective method but is the easiest for you to learn. It is super useful for people who are in instinctual response. EFT helps your mind and body to connect so you can again feel what is happening in the body.

EFT builds on tapping on acupuncture points and you can find several versions and routines of EFT

Introduction to Faster EFT (10 minutes)

The inventor of Faster EFT explains in this link 

And my explanation on how to do EFT. Julia is my audience as I feel it is easier to demonstrate with a person.

Example of the use of EFT (33 minutes)

EFT with Julia on her Parkinsons symptoms

Personal development

In addition, there are countless other ways to get better. We call it personal development because you gradually get closer to the real core of you. That is, who you are when you are not in stress and are not easily affected by what other people do and say.

Who are you:

  • when you are not stressing yourself?
  • when you always respond appropriately to a situation?
  • when you can say no if anyone tries to take advantage of you?
  • when you can set boundaries for your fellow human beings without compromising the relationship?
  • when you are a good role model for your children and a loving family member?

You step by step remove discomfort in your past, present, and future:

The past:

  • Trauma or body memory – that is, unpleasant experiences from your childhood, youth or later
  • Accidents – Accidents can also cause discomfort even if you cannot remember them
  • Your parents’ expectations of you. How to get their love or how to avoid making them angry
  • Family relationships and playmates who were not kind to you

The present:

How to deal with what is happening right now in your time with your fellow human beings (partner, children, friends, colleagues, and boss)

  • Myriads of thoughts
  • Quarrels
  • Difficult decisions
  • Divorce, illness, death, job situations
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Feelings and pressure due to; Competitions, exams, fast-paced job, your high-quality standards
  • Inadequate sleep, as a sum-up of all the above

The future:

  • Concerns, fears, worries about what might happen in the future
  • Beliefs that make life difficult for you
  • Values ​​that get you further and further away from a healthy life

For most of us, it takes most of our lifetime – but it’s okay as long as we get better and better.

You do not have to cope with a situation. There is always a better way to tackle situations.