Stepping stones Heath and wellbeing
Stepping stones Heath and wellbeing

Stephanie Wallis

She has embraced a wide range of diseases. Because it is the same range of things that works on most diseases.

She has specialised in exercise classes for anyone living with, breast cancer, prostate cancer and Parkinson’s disease. 
Improve your holistic health through body and mind rehabilitation with Stepping Stones Health & Well-being, where we believe that exercise is an essential part of a person’s rehabilitation journey. Our specialist classes are tailored to provide exercise for people recovering

Your Journey to Better Health and Recovery Begins Here
We believe in the crucial role of exercise in improving the physical and mental well-being of recovering individuals. We take on the challenge of enhancing our classes driven by our goal of helping clients reach even the smallest milestones in their health recovery journey.

Our Promise

The entire Stepping Stones team is dedicated to leading clients in their rehabilitation journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle. We are committed to providing professional customer-focused service at all times. Our specialist exercise classes, a combination of professionally approved active exercises and a relaxing supportive environment, help recovery at a faster pace for all our clients.

We vow to get you moving in comfortable ways adapted to your needs and limitations while ensuring steady rehabilitation progress. It’s time to bring back the better and healthier you.


Exercise class for medical conditions

As far as the benefits go, you will 100% notice changes in your overall strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and even your mental health! Fitness really does change multiple aspects of your life, and we see it in here all of the time. Our exercises are designed to move you along without injury, which is going to allow you to do this for a longer time. The longer you stick with it, the more benefit you’ll see over time.

Less stress, less weight, better health, and better mental clarity are all things our class will provide you with. You just show up and move at your own pace!

Meet people with the same disease as you

 Our specialist classes are tailored to provide exercise for people recovering from breast cancer, Prostate cancer , Parkinson’s disease, and those with limited mobility

Have you been advised to become more active due to your medical condition?

  • Are you looking for something to improve your health that is gentle and relaxed?
  • Have you been prescribed by your general practitioner or social prescriber to be more active?
  • Maybe you just want to ease into fitness with something light?

If this is you, then you’re in the right place! The My Pace Fitness Class is designed to provide you with these solutions. We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, we’re simply providing you with a solution that is gentle, relaxed, and allows for adaptations for all your needs.

You’ve stepped into a gym before and been intimidated by all of the intense things going on. Weights being dropped, people yelling, and the person half passed out. We get it, you don’t want that. You want something that is going to make you feel better, but in a more casual and relaxing way.

You just want to work on improving things such as blood pressure, depression, anxiety, stress, diabetes, osteoarthritis, or even weight loss. In our classes you can accomplish just that without all of the intimidation.


“Innovative zoom classes”

Stephanie has continued to run zoom classes for the group on a weekly basis. She has organised the sessions using many innovative ideas to address the limitations of exercising from home. The sessions are very enjoyable and Stephanie is very supportive and constantly checks on the well-being of the group. I strongly recommend you to participate in one of her classes. I find the classes are well thought out to include the important muscle groups in a balanced way with different options for ones individual ability. Clear explanation and varied exercises make the classes fun and valuable for anyone who prefers to avoid high impact. Well done Stephanie, good exercise for wellbeing.

“Just the right level for me”

I have recently joined the My Pace Fitness Class and find that Stephanie is a brilliant instructor. She understands my joint limitations and is always careful to ensure that there are variations to any exercises that might cause me problems. I have been very aware that I need to do some low impact exercises to help with my rheumatoid arthritis and to strengthen muscles in order to protect tendons and ligaments around my joints. Stephanie's class has proved to be just the right level for me and I am looking forward to continuing with the classes.

Why not take one step at a time

Jacob Kidney – Yoga and Bike
Jacob Kidney – Yoga and Bike

Who is Jacob Kidney

Hello everyone!

My name is Jacob Kidney. I have had essential tremors since I was eight years old, my mother has cervical dystonia, my stepfather has early-onset Parkinson’s, and my father has had Parkinson’s for more than 25 years.

Come join my free weekly classes and get moving!

Contact me:

Be in the Moment and Discover what Movement is Essential for you


Biking helps me get rid of adrenaline ad is an important part of my dayly activities. By joining my bikink class i can help you with the same. You only need an indoor bike and a computer in front of you to join.


Yoga has helped me immensely to find more balance for my movement disorder. So much so that I decided to become a yoga teacher because I think it is something that can be very beneficial to many people with movement disorders.

Just Breathe

 I have my 200 hour yoga teacher training certification and also I have an additional certification which specializes me in teaching yoga for people with Parkinson’s. I was trained by a yoga therapist by the name of Theresa Conroy who has been doing yoga for the Parkinson’s foundation for more than 10 years. I am in the process of creating a free exercise program for people with movement disorders.

William Blake

“To see the world in a grain of sand

and heaven in a wildflower
hold infinity in the palm of your hands
and eternity in an hour.”


The current schedule is as follows:

  • virtual cycling every Tuesday evening 7-8pm EST.
  • Gentle Yoga every Thursday evening 8-9pm EST.

I will be opening more classes in the near future as interest grows. Also, I offer private one on one classes for a charge.

Why not get started

Education and Certified in


“it’s gentle enough that anyone can do it”

I really enjoy taking yoga classes with Jacob. With my physical limitations it has helped me with focusing on my breathing and taking breaks or stretching as needed. Also, I like the fact that it’s gentle enough that anyone can do it and if you can’t do a certain move you can modify it to what you can do. I’m so grateful that you are doing these classes ~ Thank you​
Liz Lewis

“For me, inactivity can also lead to pain and discomfort”

I’ve been attending Jake’s virtual cycling class for a little over a month now. I like cycling because it puts little pressure on my joints but is an extremely effective exercise. Virtual cycling is even better than doing it on my own, it adds a social aspect (we chat while stretching before cycling) and also adds accountability. Both things I need, especially during covid times. I had greatly decreased my activeness due to covid. For me, inactivity can also lead to joint pain and discomfort from my rheumatoid arthritis. Jake is a great teacher and has incorporated stretches into our routine tailored for each persons’ mobility.
Caitlin Trimble.

“I am so pleased”

I am so pleased to be participating in the Virtual Yoga Class with Jacob Kidney.
This class is especially for people with movement disorders, with participants from around the world. He has shown himself to be a very caring & genuine person, who focuses on the student’s needs & abilities. He checks in prior to the class, to let us know what his plan for the class is, and if we have any concerns in being able to perform the planned activities. He is very concerned about each individual, finding that perfect balance between not pushing too far…but still challenging us to do what we are able. I enjoy the flow of the class. Starting out with a brief “how are you” & “meet other group participants”. Then class begins with relaxation breathing, yoga exercises, & some free-style movements. He plays a variety of music, has an encouraging & calming presence, while providing very clear instructions, stressing safety & modified ways to perform the movements. After class he asks how we are feeling, if we had any particularly difficult exercises, and reviews exercises we can do throughout the week. Love this class! ​
Aneice Farrer

Contact me for an individual training program

Iqniter - strenous training
Iqniter - strenous training

Who is iQniter

iQniter is a Danish company who has developed equipment and software solutions for training in gyms and at home.

We are changing our profile, so we now also support individuals that struggle with severe conditions and symptoms.

Training helps whatever state you are in now. So if you step up for yourself and use the time to excersise, we can help you to succeed.

Strenuous training can reduce symptoms , reducing adrenaline

With the iQniter app you can train at home when it suits you.

Choose from 100´s of sessions prepared by leading instructors. Whatever the purpose of your training, you will find a session that suits you.

Based on your heart rate, the app helps you to optimize your training.  The points you collect while you train keeps you motivated to train so you succeed with your goals.

You need  your heart rate device and the iQniter app installed on your mobile.

Why heart rate training works

”It is only with the heart that one can see rightly”
quote from the story ”The Little Prince”.

The truth in this quote is also the foundation of iQniter. We have built our training platform based on your heart rate as it is the most precise human measurement of how well we perform during a workout.

By tracking your heart rate, iQniter guides you to perform better. If you train too hard the app will tell you to slow down and if you train inefficiently it will guide you to increase intensity.

All based on your heart rate


iQniter Smart Sensor Belt

This Comfortable heart rate sensor with a black belt in size M, is perfect for most types of sport. It can be connected to the app or bikes supporting Bluetooth when training in your fitness club or to other Bluetooth Smart devices when training at home (watches, mobile phones (iOS, Android, Windows) and their apps.

Whatever your sport is, iQniter Smart Sensor Belt measures your heart rate with great comfort and accuracy.

Train efficiently with your heart rate

Your heart rate is the best human indicator to show your how well you perform as it reacts within seconds to a change in intensity.

iQniter measures your heart rate from your device and based on the chosen profile tells you how well you perform.

If you lose intensity the arrow in the hygrometer will drop and instruct you to increase intensity and if the intensity is too high the app will instruct you to slow down.

The longer you stay in the green zone in the hygrometer the more efficient your training is.


We are very pleased to announce that iQniter equipment and software has been selected to be used in a research project at Aalborg University.

The research project will study the cardiovascular effects of upper body rowing training in spinal cord injured wheelchair users.

We are excited to help spinal cord injured wheelchair users towards a better life.

Exercise with our app

With the app you have the following advantages:

  • 100s of programs made by professional trainers that help you to enjoy a varied efficient training.
  • A program that reacts to your heartbeat so you get instant feedback – are you doing too much or too little

Step up slowly in time and intensity to get your body fit and the adrenaline down.

Why not get out of fight, flight and freeze in the most natural way


“Streneous training is your natuaral stress down pill”

It will help if you use exercise as a natural habit to reduce stress and adrenaline daily.
I found that people who have recovered from a chronic disease used strenuous training as one of 4 strategies. So I always persuade the people I help with their chronic conditions to start some sort of sport.

I also found that it was difficult for people to get to a level that had a natural effect. Fitness centers are the best, but if the time or place is not there, Iqniter sensor belt helps people "get up in speed."
Lilian Sjøberg
“It ensures that I actually get my heat rate up, use energy and have an intense training session. When I have a specific goal or training program, then I strive to follow it.
iQniter keeps me focused and engaged. It is the opposite if I just use the training/spinning bike by myself without any app to guide me, then training often becomes much less intense.”
Sarah, iQniter user

Buy our iQnigter to help you to relieve stress in a fun and supportive way