About this portal

Hello everyone!

Welcome at the portal where people meet professionals in the common fight against diseases and towards better health


  • A lot of people are stuck in all kinds of symptoms, stress and diagnosis.
  • A lot of professionals are struggling to get a company up and running.  Even if they are very good at helping people, they have problems getting their message out into the world.

In this portal these two groups can meet.

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KR Lilian Sjøberg  HOPE Shortcut

Mind and body are one unit
The healing comes from reducing any stress in your life,
Past, present, or future

Why a portal?

Dear professionals. Do you struggle to find clients? Not because of your skills or your niche, but due to the lack of ability to promote your services. Are you, like me, tired of the 100´s of B:B companies that will help you with an expensive course or service? This portal might be the answer.

You get

  • A page on the portal
  • Access to posting in an event calendar that can convert to  a local timezone
  • Helping each other out via sharing content from the portal
  • Give people a lot of things they can pick from
  • Make newsletter togheter

The price is you being active on the page, making events, sharing the contents. Later it will cost a price, but it will never be expencive. My idea is to make an online “gym” for both mental and physical training. Here it is your time that is important more than your money. And new entrepreneurs have lots of time and small money. So let us hel eachother out with our mission to help people

The 4 strategies

I have for 3 years investigated articles, videos, and success stories about people getting symptom-free.

I found a pattern in this and compared it with my observations about my client. I can always reduce some of their symptoms close to zero during a session. When people have seen that they start understanding that their symptoms are stress-related a couple of times, they can begin working towards better health.

Let us find out with which strategy you can help people.


Old Beliefs

We all have the right to have a belief about what is right and wrong. But one thing is for sure if you are into some trouble, you need to do something else to get unstuck. So here is an offer about a new view on stress and diseases. The one with the division in physical and mental health as two separate boxes leaves us with chronic diseases. Accepting that this 100-year-old belief does not do anything good for these groups can start getting active.

the man that lost his diagnosis of parkinsons

It takes time and dedicated work – so I have a couple of people to become better

This amazing result is due to trauma healing and stress reduction according to the HOPE Shortcut strategies.

How this started

I hold a Master’s Degree in Biology and am a certified coach and therapist. I got interested in the connection between the brain and thoughts as my husband 25 years ago got a form of cancer that mainly hit young men with high education. 

I thought, “can you think yourself into a disease?”

I tried my skills on a handful of different diagnoses, that all have stress-related symptoms. And by reducing stress, I could help them all. The result is better when people start using the strategies on their own that I explain in my online course.

Due to my biology knowledge, I could put all the pieces together and I made an online course telling how to reduce stress, symptoms and disease.

Later I chose people with Parkinson’s as a group because it is so easy to see by their tremor if they are stressed or not.

Due to this work, I found out why most symptoms and diseases are stress-related.

On this page, you can get help  finding the right strategy to reduce your symptoms.

Professionals can find clients or an audience for an online event.

Why not get out of stress and see where it brings you

Contact me if you want to be on the HOPEshortcut web portal now or have questions: info@hopeshortcut.com

Right now, it is for free, and it will never be expensive to be on this page as long as you help out the site and the others so we together can help people with chronic diseases and symptoms.

Many hands and brains are needed. Let us all help people out of diseases. People need to get active, reduce stress and worries and learn to be mindful in everything they do.

The idea that you, of course, can become better regardless of your disease. If the symptoms vary, there is a big chance that it is stress-related, and you can reduce stress in so many ways

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