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We should have recovery or respite centres where people who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness can go at the point of diagnosis, where you can learn all the stress reduction and symptom reduction techniques to carry them forward.

While this remains for the future, the intention of this membership area is to provide a virtual version of this concept.
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This practical online course explains the role that unhealthy breathing plays in physiological and psychological symptoms of chronic conditions, and conversely how chronic illness or trauma can dysregulate breathing further impacting health. The pragmatic focus is on restoring healthy patterns of breathing for significant symptom reduction, and preventing further decline. If you are not addressing the breath, recovery will be much slower. The course is suitable for people suffering from chronic illness or trauma, caregivers and therapists, or anyone who wants to be healthier.”

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The focus is on ways to reduce psychological and physiological symptoms. It brings together Gary Sharpe’s section on Fascia and Connective Tissue from the curriculum of the Nervous System in Chronic Illness online course, with Lilian Sjøberg’s concept of Body Memories from the HOPE-shortcut online course and articles published in the Overcome Chronic Disease facebook group.

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What stress type are YOU and how does that affect your behavior and thoughts! 
We are having the same instincts as other mammals, but it plays out differently when we are living an indoor life and not on the savanna.
The knowledge transfer opportunity of what Lilian has learned over years of study is invaluable to a lot of people. It is also a nice introductory stage for the full Online HOPE course.
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 The course provides the evidence that PD and many other diseases are significantly affected by stress and trauma, and instead of focusing on “curing” the disease, helps people to reduce any stress in their life, and explains how taking this biological perspective, one can do a lot to minimize symptoms. It is the pragmatic outcome of five years of collected knowledge about people worldwide improve their health, combined with the knowledge of Lilian’s theory about diseases.
In short, the material presented in the course is not only unique and extraordinary but also highly empowering for people with PD.  Indeed, in total there are hours of video presentation, together with a lot of other media and supporting resources. The videos are presented in a very clear and well paced voice, easy to understand and accessible, illustrated by Lilian’s own life experiences.
In addition to the videos, are daily encouragements, a vast library of everything Lilian herself studied along the way, and an English translation of a chapter on feelings from her book in Danish.
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Pragmatic knowledge and tools for reducing symptoms of chronic illness and trauma.
Suitable for: people with chronic conditions, caregivers, and therapists.
Introduction to Nervous System In Chronic Illness

  • Nervous Systems Calm, Relaxation, Restoration
  • Cranial Nerves
  • Adrenaline and Mobilization
  • The Gut as the Second Brain
  • Freeze and Immobilization
  • Safety and Threat
  • Descent into Disease
  • The Road to Recovery

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Here you do not need to know why you have the symptoms as I will guide you through the whole process from start to finish – I lead you step by step on your journey towards better health.
HOPE shortcut is a new way of coaching and therapy which uses your symptoms to help build a self-help toolbox that you can use for the rest of your life.
3 month of therapy once a week (flexible)
Price: US $2.250 – 10 x 1:1 sessions (1,5-2,5 hours)
(the amount can be divided in smaller recurrent payments)

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