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  1. Are you available for zoom calls?
  2. Do you have time-consuming obligations?:
  3. What is your age?:
  4. What are your major symptoms?:
  5. Do your symptoms vary daily?:
  6. Has medication already started (yes/no) and if so, how long ago?:
  7. How many hours do you want to spend during a week reducing symptoms?:
  8. Are you looking for a quick fix or long-term lifestyle changes?:
  9. What is your ambition level?
  10. Are close family members and friends supportive?:
  11. If you took my stress test, please answer: What stress type are you?
  12. Have you onboarded other courses here or elsewhere?
  13. Have you tried alternative therapy before?
  14. Please write your comments you find is relevant!

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