Reduce your stress-related symptoms with the HOPE Shortcut

By using the HOPE Shortcut with me you reduce the stress, tension, and anxiety in your life. Often you have symptoms connected to the stress and if they are consistent we call it a disease. 

Give yourself the gift and find out what is left of your symptoms when you become more and more stress-free

The below course we are now running now and people giving feedback.

OVERCOME Parkinson's
-How to adress all stress in your life and lower your stress related symptomsgiviH

The Overcome Parkinsons course help me understand that I’m not sick dispute what the Drs say. Saying we can get through this together felt so helpful and inspiring. Telling me this is a process of recovery and hang in there!! I also really appreciate the positive feedback when I speak up. I feel that my voice is heard and welcomed. No wrong answers. Thank you for that.
Person with Parkinson´s
I just want you to know that I am impressed by the structure and quality of the [Overcome Parkinsons] course.
I was already convinced by the theories and views I have learned from Lilian over the past year, but putting that together in a coherent, attractive and digestible way is a whole 'nother ballgame. I have worked as an educational scientist for a few years (long ago) so I know what it takes - and the two of you are doing a great job. Thank you!
Malik de kok
Person with Parkinson´s
Thank you very much for today’s session. I appreciate your structured approach to such a complex topic. I feel like I am finding my way further along the path to better health, thanks to you. A lot to think about. Best regards
Person with Parkinson´s
Parkinsons - first time in Therapy
Happy client - after her first session

Kelly has had Parkinsons for 10 years, and We now hear her after the fist session. Kelly has worked with herself during her rought life, and are now trying Therapy with me. Have a look

Parkinsons - this client is comming closer and closer to no symptoms
Confident client - after one year

Pattie has had Parkinsons for years, but after 1 year of regular therapy with me. she is getting so much better. She has start to forget her cane.
This is from a community group call where she told about her improvement and how she became better.
(If you look at the earlier videos on this page you can see the improvement yourself)

Parkinsons - Cathy Devos, AU, in a virtuous circle ​
Client after 3 years - still becomming better and better

I revisit Kathy after 3 years as she join the community area.
This is from a community group call where she tell about her reflection of ongoing improvement

Anonomous with Parkinsons 50 years old and still working

This person is using tecknology to check his improvement

"Just went to my neurologist.
He said my symptoms are low and 50% less than they were 2 years ago! "You're doing really well," he said,
"Keep doing what you're doing."
He showed me a plot of my symptoms. They are lower than years ago. They are now stable low.
My next hope is to reduce them.
I told him about all the help I got from Lilian Sjøberg and he agreed I don't need more medicine, which is amazing as I've had pd for 5 years.

My prescription from him is to avoid unnecessary stress!
Listen to Lilian.
She knows how to help people! I'm glad to put down my skepicism and learned from her!"

“Theraphy with Lilian is one of the most impactful of all the things I have tried for progressive symptom reduction”

Parkinsons - founder of outthinkingparkinsons.com
I started trying therapy with Lilian during her first trip to visit me in the UK for purposes of furthering our collaboration.

The initial experiences were profound, and I could sense the power in her methods. Since then we have continued the therapy sessions via zoom.
This has helped me enormously, and is one of the most impactful of all the things I have tried for progressive symptom reduction. Lilian's method includes a system for monitoring symptom levels, so I have the objective, quantitative measure of the progress.

By identifying, addressing, and processing body memories - stressful episodes from the past that get written into the body - it has significantly reduced my physical and pain symptoms, and my reliance on medication, while at the same time allowing me to become a much calmer and more joyful person.

Recently, during a return visit to the UK, Lilian further accelerated my progress through intensive therapy and coaching [especially in regard to physical exercise], combined with being “hands-on” through two modalities she is trained in, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Rosen Method.
Gary sharpe

“Lilian helped me see (and work through) how my previous traumas have effected my behaviour in the past and helped me identify my own triggers that I can now easily recognise and prevent in the future”

Was great to have Lilian Sjøberg stay with me for 3 days last week, we really covered lots of ground in relation to Parkinson’s and I learnt loads from her.

I have done years of study on trauma and self development and Lilian’s visit helped me see this from different perspectives.
I had a few “triggering situations “ to deal with last week, things that would of caused a big reaction in me before. Since being diagnosed with ADHD, I’ve recognised how I react in difficult situations and Lilian from HOPEshortcut - for better health helped me manage these reactions better.
There is so much we can do to improve our mindset and behaviour, when we understand and have awareness’s around our condition
Irene Treacy
Parkinsons - this client has nailed it
Confident client - after 16 sessions

Here you see Pattie telling about her new life, that are agin are opening up. She like her new pesonality that is confident.

Confident client - halfway through her theraphy package

Here you see Pattie in a group call where she tells, that I am the first one to enlighten her about the side effect of medication. Unfortunately, only a few people know that their medication always comes with side effects after long-term use.

When you realize that medication can only mimic the body’s natural chemicals, you can as well learn how to find your inner pharmacy and use that instead

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Stephan Fuchs - Diagnosed with parkinsons Lucerne, Switzerland, November 20, 2022


Through Gary Sharpe’s website I came across Lilian Sjoeberg and her website “Hopeshortcut”. Already John Pepper wrote in his book about the importance of stress reduction for people with Parkinson’s symptoms. Lilian offers an online course, an exchange group and personal online counseling and therapy for exactly this kind of stress management.

Through Lilian, my eyes were opened to the connection between stress and my main symptom, left-sided tremor. I started to keep a tremor diary. I became aware that even minor stress – physical, emotional or mental – triggers and intensifies the tremor. But also, that the tremor can decrease and calm can return when the stress dissipates, or when I can consciously deal with it. With the guidance of Lilian Sjoeberg, traumatizations and body memories can be processed and resolved This happens, for example, with the help of breathing and movement.

And once again I made the same experience: There is hope, I can do something.

Chris - North of England, November 20, 2022 - after 4 sessions

“I have always been braced against the world, always been anticipating the worst. And perhaps that ‘always’ is why I never realised that this perspective might not be normal. One’s experience is total, until an opportune moment allows you to step outside of it and see and feel something different. For me, this has been so rare, that I could count the times I have been lucky enough to not be scared on the fingers of one hand, and perhaps at a push, my toes. It is worth highlighting for me being scared exists on a spectrum, perhaps vigilant is a better word. When this is a person’s default mode everything carries threat, from the obvious, to a certain word, to a certain look or a certain tone. Being in the world in this way is tiring.  Unsurprisingly, eventually it can’t be ignored. My experience of trying to resolve this, or a better way of saying it is ‘changing’ has failed. Familiar to most I have tried a lot with very little progress. 

My previous experience of lengthy and deep therapy left me worse, talking therapy, for me, led to an overintellectualizing of my experience, bringing things to the fore that were then just left with me. To have again, and to be terrified by again. And this is what leads me to Lilian’s work. I am skeptical but I believe in therapy, or maybe I am just desperate. I have had four sessions, and I accept I am a long-term project, but I would briefly like to outline my work with Lilian. First off, probably connected to previous experiences, I am deeply skeptical, or maybe scared to hope for success (which is maybe threatening itself), being uncluttered and unencumbered doesn’t feel quite right.  

You may be interested in the protocol. There is a focus on a symptom, a sensation, which you are asked to give shape to through imagery, story or metaphor. What follows is a guided embrace of what ails you, explored together so that the narrative arc is completed. Lilian has quite an astonishing skill for guiding this process. She is able to intuit, very quickly, what may resolve ‘the story.’ You are probably saying, yes but does it work? All I can say is that after every session I am afforded a window of calm, where I sleep better and have more energy, where I come back to parts of myself, I have forgotten, and l am comfortable, sometimes delighted to be there. Of course, there’s always a stack of further issues waiting, but they seem more manageable, maybe start looking more like avenues that are exciting to explore, opportunities to heal. I would say for me, the real acid test is I always look forward to speaking to Lilian and being taken to those places. As a perennial avoider this is something that no other modality has ever done for me before. “


Greg from North America is talking about the help he get from the HOPEshortcut groupcal

Time to break the myths -
Ofcause you can become better

Learn How To Reduce The Symptoms And Regain Your Confidence. 

Most diseases is both physical and mental. You cannot seperate these two areas of life. That’s why your symptoms vary during the day as your dailiday stress goes up and down.
I am here to show you it is possible to get you a lot better than you are now.

Jeppe, DK, getting close to normal


Woman, US with severe movement disorder talking about her progress

Cathy Devos, AU, getting close to normal

Bjarne Henriksen, DK, Free of his Parkinson's diagnoses

Laura Turzo, US, Diagnosed with Parkinson

I could tell from reading the materials available from HOPE Shortcut that Lilian was a highly educated intelligent person. What I could not know until I started working with her is how compassionate and comforting her presence is.

She creates a safe and nurturing space for healing. She has great instincts about which techniques will be most useful for me, as evidenced by my body’s response. 

Sessions have been quite powerful. In our first session we did EFT, which I had never had success with before. But I witnessed a reduction in my symptoms. We worked with another technique which is even more profound for me. It’s a guided mindfulness meditation which acts like hypnosis for me and my body completely settles.

I have a lot of trauma to resolve so I think for me it may take some time to completely recover. But Lilian provides consistent support through challenges and so I look forward to working through all the issues that prevent my body from functioning in a normal healthy way. She is a great ally in this process and provides a much-needed message of hope. Something so very necessary to counteract the repeatedly negative prognosis of this disease. Something we all need.

I recommend her without reservation to anyone with a chronic health condition.


Reference from Julia 25 march 2020 - Diagnosed with Parkinsons.

Reference from Michael Pedersen January 2019 - Diagnosed with Parkinsons.

My First client free of Parkinson by rescanning

Translation of the neurologist journal
Thursday, December 5, 2019

Journal text – General Control DAT-PET 19.11.2019 shows normal conditions, that disconfirm that the patient have Parkinson’s disease. Formerly DAT-SPECT 30.03. 2017 showed changes compatible with early Parkinson’s disease. The patient has had tremors on his left hand since 2016. I have in objective study not found very typical evidence of Parkinson’s disease: oligomimia and oligokinesia have been charged and reduce left arm swing at gang

The patient has received valproate for epilepsy for many years. Valproate can perform Parkinson’s symptoms. Does not have epileptic seizures for approx. 40 years Current EEG 04 11.2019 shows normal conditions especially no paroxysmal activity.

I inform the patient that he does not have Parkinson’s disease, as well as with his Parkinson’s symptoms is probably conditioned by the valproate treatment. I recommend withdrawing Parkinson’s medicine

glen burns3

Glenn Burns, Korea, Diagnosed with Parkisnons

I have reduced my Mucuna by around 60 % since we first started sessions.  I will continue to reduce in hopes of eliminating dyskinesia completely. One of my big problems is constant fatigue.

I have reviewed past traumas with you and have let them go I hope.  Many of these were in my subconscious and weren’t a daily thought.  I have no flashbacks and emotionally sensitive past memories are not as difficult to deal with anymore “. 

I have a plan to retire soon and enjoy life with my family.  Reduced stress is very important to my well being.

I believe Parkinsons is much more in control when stress is reduced.  Life will always have stressful moments.  Knowing that stress avoidance brings less symptoms is very important.

Regards, Glenn

Marit Digernes, Norway, Diagnosed with Parkinson

“My world has changed! First, I have been able to reduce my medication. Takes it now only when needed – this is something I thought was impossible, but yes it is possible. Second, I have been training systematically for two days. The first day I alternated between slow jogging and walking, the second day I took a demanding walk in the forest for 90 minutes. Both were challenging. I actually thought I could no longer jog because my feet are so slow, but I did it. Now I feel normal exercise stiffness in my legs, and it feels recognizable and good. This morning I woke up with a deep desire to have a job to go to. It has been years since I longed for this, so it is a good and healthy sign, I think.”

Rebecca Cerecke, New Zealand, Parkinson

1. session:

Lilian is very helpful, insightful and intuitive, she seemed to go right to the source of my problem in a short time.

I discovered that there are a lot of unhealed traumas in my past which are holding me back from my future and a good quality of life.
I am quietly optimistic, that with the tools and strategies Lilian has suggested, there is a good possibility I can change the Parkinsons outcome and improve my health and emotional well being.

2. Session:

Lilian very patiently and skillfully guided me through my second session with her today, addressing traumatic memories and changing their effect on my subconcious, this is already having a positive impact on my nervous system, my digestion is working better and my appetite has improved.
I’m looking forward to unlocking and healing more painful memories in my past, now that I have been given the tools, and ultimately recover my health.
Thank you Lilian

Bjarne Henriksen, 31 Januar 2018 - Free of Parkinsons 2020

I received therapy from Lilian Sjøberg to get a little rest on my thoughts and mind after I have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and poor blood supply to my legs.

I got some tools to get rid of the tobacco, had smoked 20 cigarettes a day for 47 years, but now I have not smoked for 1 month. Quit Smoking is a condition that I can be operated in the legs. During the therapy we dealt with my sorrow from the death of my sister. I was surprised how touched I became. EFT worked incredibly well at me, I am amazed at that. My sister was my great help when I was a teenager, I could speak confidently with my dear sister about everything. The EFT exercise helped me to shut down for that sadness from my loss.

I have always been the protective and caring person to others, and put others in front of myself. I was always observing in public space to see if there was a danger to others, which was not good for my peace of mind. Now, I do not focus too much on whether anyone is in danger when I’m in public space. I say to myself:  “I am safe“.

When the therapy was over, my body and soul were in a lot of tranquility, my Parkinson, which also gives shaking in my left hand, was magically also at rest. I can not explain that, maybe Parkinson is more psychologically stressed than medicine believes in ???


Michael Pedersen, Denmark June 2018 - Parkinson

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 9 years ago. After a couple of years, I had, more or less consciously, a plan ready. I would not give myself to the threat I heard from doctors and experts: P is a slow worsening disease. I would do all I could to try to break the curve. I searched the net and used my network inside P society, but I slowly gave up. But then I met biologist and coach Lilian Sjøberg, who would like to write a self-help book on personal development and therefore wanted to test her techniques on people with a chronic diseases. She gave me the belief that it is possible to fight P. We have been through different methods, exercises and therapy. It has made me much more aware of my body and the connection between body and psyche. Lilian has also made my eyes clear that the internet is abounding with people / cases and even a whole association that aims to improve the situation and even heal some completely for P.

In short, I’m sitting here now after being treated of Lilian and can summarize:

  • It’s better with my right arm and hand
  • I shake about 80% less
  • My handwriting has improved
  • I can brush my teeth with my right arm again after 7 years
  • I have reduced at least 25% in medicine (madopar and entacapone).
  • I have more courage to keep my job.

and one important thing: I’m excited and waiting for the next little progress where I went before thinking about when I would get up in the medicine dose .


Peter Bork, - Sclerosis

I appreciate your desire & ease to remedy my flaws that arise from my sclerosis.
In the evening of May 23, 2016, you moved me from being a deep doubt of EFT to say, you must, for everyone’s sake, Practice in the future !!!
You quickly win one’s trust while your professionalism and skill makes me trust you !!
by Peter Bork