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Did you know that Parkinson’s is a stress disease – and a lot of other diseases are as well?
Your symptoms are very closely related to the stress in your life. The more stress – the bigger or more prolonged the symptoms. That is why we call it a stress disease

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The biological stresstest

How you reactions in stress infuence your health

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What the people with diseases say

It’s better with my right arm and hand I shake about 80% less. My handwriting has improved. I can brush my teeth with my right arm again after 7 years.

I have reduced at least 25% in medicine (madopar and entacapone).

I have more courage to keep my job, and one important thing:
I’m excited and waiting for the next bit of progress.
Before I was thinking about when I would need to up my medicine dose.

Michael Pedersen

HOPE Shortcut is here to bust up old patterns and assumptions and evolve our way of thinking about stress and chronic illness.
They do not base their approach on foregone assumptions about the mechanics of disease.

They look at each person individually and look at each symptom as an overactive indication of stress.

Lilian Sjøberg has developed a multi-step program to begin to alleviate the symptoms of chronic disease. The beginning point is the recognition that there is hope.

Nicole St. Arnoud

“Join the health revolution.”

HOPE Shortcut creates a safe and nurturing space for healing. This new portal provides great information about which techniques will be most useful for me.

Working with my coach/therapist Lilian, I dealt with the most intense and challenging symptoms. Many are in the process of resolving.
Just recently the finer points that are a result of our working together started to emerge. I found myself socializing more. I've created a couple of Facebook groups and initiated some creative activities. This truly makes me feel like I'm coming back to life. Sometimes the small details get lost in the big picture. But it's nice to notice them and appreciate them as puzzle pieces fitting together to create the totality of a healthy and happy life.
Laura Turzo - Parkinson´s diagnosis