HOPE Shortcut services


"Parkinsons is not longer the center of her universe"

Kathy from Austraila is one year ahead of you

A small snippet where her and I are talking about her big progress.

Kathy took the big step, contacted me and is now free of a lot of stressors. You can see a longer video below. She has got the knowledge on how to proceed on her own from the onling course.
She has joind my online zoom group calls and she have reduced som traumas in her life via theraphy.
Her life is a lot easier now.

"A persistent client one year after start"

Client from the USA after a year of therapy and here in a group call

A clip from a group call where she gave me a lot of credit for her improvements. First she took my 10 session package and then she took sessions when she felt she needed them. Her life has been hard with some childhood problems and violent spouses. All this stress ended up as tremors, freezing episodes and night mares. Now we are getting closer to her having a normal day. And the doctors have started to ask her what she has done.

"Fresh eyes"

Gary Sharpe - from Outthinking Parkinssons FB group


"The fact that you are coming at this with fresh eyes - not indoctrinated with dogma - and see patterns that specialists might be blind to due their training, is important. I think it is also important that you have "skin in the game" [personal experience] with cancer in the family, and your own traumatic injury ."

"would definitely highly recommend this course for anyone affected by cronich diseases, especially.
However, I would (and have) also recommend it to spouses and families, partially as this might give insight into how they can best help, but also for their own sake too, in terms of managing their own stress, and preventing the situation causing them to also become ill.."

"Waiting for progress"

"Now I am excited and waiting for the next little progress, whereas before I was always thinking about when I would increase the dosage of my medication."
Michael - Denmark
Parkinsons diagnosis

Overview of services

Stress test

this Biological Stress Test is made mainly to help people with health issues to understand their Stress Type and its potential role in symptoms. The stress test is divided into 6 major stress types.
Depending on how you answer the questions, you will learn not only about yourself, and which type you are, but you can also learn about how other Stress Types manifest in the world around you.

Get courious

Link to the course: Lilian and Gary have created a course outlining why there is hope for better health when suffering from a chronic condition. 



A self-study online course, that arms you with hope by providing you with a different way of viewing stress, disease and symptoms, and by showing you why symptoms are actually your superpowers! You will also learn applicable strategies to help you feel better.
See Gary Sharpes full review of the course


Ensure progress

 I offer an online community to ensure continued progress. I lead group calls weekly where I answer questions, provide coaching, and we discuss various topics to help you: progress; overcome problems or procrastinations; and ultimately help you to recover and improve your sense of agency in the journey to better health.  This also allows you to connect with others in the Hope Shortcut community (see info here).

HOPE Therapy

Here you do not need to know why you have the symptoms as I will guide you through the whole process from start to finish – I lead you step by step on your journey towards better health.
HOPE shortcut is a new way of coaching and therapy which uses your symptoms to help build a self-help toolbox that you can use for the rest of your life.
3 months of therapy once a week (flexible)

Price that equals 16.000 Danish kroner (approx. US $2.400 depending on exchange rate)
10 x 1:1 sessions (a 2,5 hours) over 3 months 

If you are ready to invest in your health send an email to info@hopeshortcut.com
If I do not reply within a week, please send again or tagg me in a post
I will then send you a booking link+ some questions as a reply.


Dig deep

For the ones that have joined HOPE Therapy above:
When you have a good awareness of the causes of your symptoms,  1:1 sessions when needed are the next step.

I help you to resolve situations in your life where you are still stuck, and dig deeper into life experiences that may still be holding you back. 
The session is US$ 360 for 3 sessions.

When you have already taken the 10 sessions contact me as you are used to.

1.5-hour therapy session 1:1 with me

"It is just like dieting, you have to do the work"

Anna, who has Parkinson’s disease, writes about the course:
“I love this course. I’ve read everything, and I’ve seen all the videos. I like that Lilian articulates the problems I have. The more knowledge, the better it is for me. I love that there is a lot of information.
This course deserves attention.
I would be incredibly sorry if I did not get the full benefit of all the things that stand out. There is a lot of knowledge. It’s rock solid. It takes some time and dedication because it is just like dieting; you have to do the work.”

Anna has now reduced her symptoms in certain situations and is now aware of how her mental state affects her physical disease.

Lilian Sjøberg

“I am a biologist, certified coach, and therapist working to help people get rid of stress. I have specialized in reducing stress-related symptoms in people with chronic diseases.

It is very new that a focus on stress reduction  can help people with Parkinson’s disease. Read what  some my clients have to say to learn more about the results that can be achieved .

From my experiences I have developed a concept that I call the “HOPE shortcut”.

And it works very well!”

Customer Review

I have worked with people with chronic diseases for three years,  investigating how coaching and therapy can help.

I have found a model that works.

I call it the “HOPE shortcut”.

Michael Ondracheck Pedersen

In short, I am sitting here now after being treated by Lilian and can summarize: It is better with my right arm and hand - I shake about 80% less. My handwriting has improved. I can brush my teeth with my right arm again after 7 years. I have reduced at least 25% in medicine. I have more courage to keep my job. And one important thing: Now I am excited and waiting for the next little progress whereas before I was always thinking about when I would increase the dosage of my medication.

Blenn Burns

"I have reduced my Mucuna by around 50% since we first started sessions. I will continue to reduce in hopes of eliminating dyskinesia completely. I have reviewed past traumas with Lilian and have let them go. Many of these were in my subconscious and were not a daily thought. I have no flashbacks and emotionally sensitive past memories are not as difficult to deal with anymore. ”

Marit Digernes, Norway

“My world has changed! First, I have been able to reduce my medication. I now take medication only when needed – this is something I thought was impossible, but yes it is possible. Second, I have been training systematically for two days. The first day I alternated between slow jogging and walking, the second day I took a demanding walk in the forest for 90 minutes. Both were challenging. I actually thought I could not jog anymore my feet seem to move so slowly, but I did it. Now I feel the normal exercise-related stiffness in my legs, and it feels recognizable and good. This morning I woke up with a deep desire to have a job to go to. It has been years since I longed for this, so it is a good and healthy sign, I think.”