HOPE Shortcut services

Overview of services

Knowledge - Get courious

Link to all courses:
Lilian and Gary have created  courses outlining why there is hope for better health when suffering from a chronic condition, that arms you with hope by providing you with a different way of viewing stress, disease and symptoms, and by showing you why symptoms are actually your superpowers! You will also learn applicable strategies to help you feel better.

Ensure progress

 I offer an online community to ensure continued progress. I lead group calls weekly where I answer questions, provide coaching, and we discuss various topics to help you: progress; overcome problems or procrastinations; and ultimately help you to recover and improve your sense of agency in the journey to better health.  This also allows you to connect with others in the Hope Shortcut community (see info here).

HOPE Therapy

Here you do not need to know why you have the symptoms as I will guide you through the whole process from start to finish – I lead you step by step on your journey towards better health.
HOPE shortcut is a new way of coaching and therapy which uses your symptoms to help build a self-help toolbox that you can use for the rest of your life.
3 months of therapy once a week (flexible) (biweekly is also an option)

HOPE coaches:
I am starting to educate the first coaches and the price for their service
Price US $ 2000 dollars paid via a monthly fee 2 hours per session

My personal service:
US $2.500 depending on exchange rate
10 x 1:1 sessions (a 2 hours 15 minutes) over 3 months 

If you are ready to invest in your health send an email to info@hopeshortcut.com
If I do not reply within a week, please send again or tagg me in a post
I will then send you a booking link+ some questions as a reply.

Dig deep

For the ones that have joined HOPE Therapy above:
When you have a good awareness of the causes of your symptoms,  1:1 sessions when needed are the next step.

I help you to resolve situations in your life where you are still stuck, and dig deeper into life experiences that may still be holding you back. 
The session is US$ 360 for 3 sessions.

When you have already taken the 10 sessions AND want more sessions click this link  or contact me as you are used to.

1.5-hour therapy session 1:1 with me

"Waiting for progress"

"Now I am excited and waiting for the next little progress, whereas before I was always thinking about when I would increase the dosage of my medication."
Michael - Denmark
Parkinsons diagnosis

Lilian Sjøberg

“I am a biologist, certified coach, and therapist working to help people get rid of stress. I have specialized in reducing stress-related symptoms in people with chronic diseases.

It is very new that a focus on stress reduction  can help people with Parkinson’s disease. Read what  some my clients have to say to learn more about the results that can be achieved .

From my experiences I have developed a concept that I call the “HOPE shortcut”.

And it works very well!”