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“We should have recovery or respite centres where people who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness can go at the point of diagnosis, be looked after, for say the first 6 months, where they can totally destress, and learn all the stress reduction and symptom reduction techniques to carry them forward.

Instead of just abandoning them and cursing them with the nocebo effect of ‘you can’t get better’.

This has been a dream of mine for some time. While this remains for the future, the intention of this community is to provide a virtual version of this concept”.

Gary Sharpe,
December 2022

Hi Gary and Lilian
Great collaboration.
Your timing couldn't be better
for me as I am slowly putting together a more refined working hypothesis for the symptoms I experience. Reducing the stressors in my life is helping while I bolster my tolerance for stressors too.

I have often thought that the "Parkinson" symptoms and some of the symptoms associated with shell shock were one and the same, and Bingo! I had already been working with some of the suggestions for dealing with PTSD quite by accident, so am feeling emboldened to narrow my focus and kind of expand it at the same time.

So, keep up the amazing work you two are doing. Having found this community of alternative thinkers has been an amazing gift to me.
I no longer feel alone in my quest to heal myself.
Cheers, Greg Watson

Support and Community

  • Recovery can be a lonely journey, in a world which tells us we can’t get better, and few understand.
  • This membership area aims to be gathering place where you will be in good company with fellow travellers on the path to recovery and like minded people

Get Healthy and Well

  • We are not broken, but terribly stressed by our modern world.
  • We are spending too much time in fight, flight and freeze, instincts long term, that is causing symptoms and diagnoses.
  • Here, we learn together how to be calm our biological system, and de-stress, in order to reduce symptoms.

Do you want to be together with likeminded?

GET BETTER RESULTS BY feeling supported!​

The content in the community

Group Calls: Mind Set

Your mindset is an important factor in healing. Here we go through different aspects and  practical techniques beneficial for your mental health. Recordings will be accessible.

Group Calls: Healing

We will start out exploring some of the healing modalities that I use for healing people. We will cover the most general common problems. Recordings will be accessible.


Gary's Extra Stuff

Gary’s online course is growing all the time and members will get access to some of the content through weekly lessons.



Gary's Story

Also, exclusive to members only, Gary will be writing about his personal journey, and the lessons he learned along the way.




We look through 100s of videos and articles that tell us that more and more people know that it is possible to become better and heal. This is where we share the empowering knowledge that we have gleaned and gathered over 5 years of researching.

Community Forum

As a member you can ask questions, or request specific topics you would like to have researched. We will provide selected answers via videos, audios, or written reports, so the whole community can benefit. This is also the place for discussions about the content, group calls, courses, and for sharing stories and experiences.


Healing stories

Some of Lilian’s clients allow to record their therapy sessions, which will be made available by audio and video. Some we interview, so the community can hear about their road to better health, and what worked for them. Lilian is working on a book to gather all these stories of recovery, which will be free for members of the community. Also, we will have healing scripts to listen to.

Ensure an effective improvement as you learn how to change yourself and get better.

Lilian Sjøberg and Gary Sharpe

We are building an online sanctuary

We both discovered the road to good health from a devastating diagnosis.

Gary with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s and Lilian as part of starting a therapy business.

We work separately for 5 years and now we work together.

Lilian from Denmark helps with her biological knowledge and with online therapy.

Now she helps Gary on the last steps back to good health.

Gary from UK with his inside knowledge of Parkinson’s and his fantastic written articles and blog posts.

With this community, we can help more people and hopefully engage more professionals. with good health and stress and symptom reduction as the main theme.