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The Gordian Knot of Parkinsons and the clues to solve it

Parkinson’s disease is very stress-related – that we can all agree.
But are we missing something obvious that might help?
We need to gather knowledge that is already out there and then “connect the dots”.
It took me 3 years to do so.

Becoming Aware of my Overthinking

Becoming Aware of my Overthinking Mind
and Making Friends with my Inner Four-Year-Old

Review of HOPEshortcut online course

In short, I feel that the material presented in the course is not only unique and extraordinary but also highly empowering for people with diseases

How you treat yourself

Hear Nicole talking about her second therapy session with HOPEshortcut.

What I wish everyone knew about stress

Hear Nicole talking about her first therapy session with HOPEshortcut

Art as a hobby

Hear Thiphanie talking about Art as a hobby

Dancing as a hobby

Hear May talking about Dancing and stitching as a hobby

Quilting as a hobby

I use Quilting as a relaxing and comforting hobby when my disease gives me anxiety.