Starter package monthly Payment 4 installments

HOPE Coaching and Therapy
starter package (biweekly)
(paying every 4. weeks)

This is for people who have had an info call with me and are ready for the 10  sessions of HOPE coaching.

This membership will automatically drag an amount every 4. weeks only 4 times. (So ensure you have money enough in your account).
Coaching is 2 times a month for 5 months (every 2. week).

If you are in doubt or need help write to me at or contact me via messenger.

1. Pay this membership,
that helps me to do half the job with installments 🙂

2. Sign up for the Community area:
An important part of being in a healing process is talking to like-minded, that also are on this alternative path of healing. For many people is important to close the door to ordinary groups around diseases, with all their doom and gloom as the nocebo effect will make you worse.

So get onboard on this here:
Link to buy access to the community area with coupon code
Use the coupon code: HOPE2you  for 90 days of free access.
This gives you access to the group calls and Community area.
There is a ton of material already, and recorded calls.
You will receive an email about how to access this. Your contribution to this is important for your healing as well as for others.
After 90 days, you can cancel or slide into a payment of 16$ per month (price January 2024). We hope you will stay and help the new members with your new knowledge.


Reschedule and cancellations
If you have to skip a meeting

  • Find the email regarding the booking of that meeting (or write to me).
  • You can cancel the meeting or reschedule for another day via this meeting email,  but best within the 5 months as I might have booked the timeslot for a new client going forward.
    I have the same right to cancel if something is going on in my world. 🙂

Thank you for helping me. And see you soon.

Right now there is no content in this course. this just helps me with payments in installments.