Overview – pacify stress

Click on the pictures to learn more about an activity that can help you on your road towards better health and smaller symptoms

Therapy and Coaching - Lilian Sjøberg

I can help you to find the rootcourse to your stress.
Why are you getting these symptoms?
Let us find out. Theraphy is the fastes way to stress reduction.
By breaking the belief that symptoms are eigther mental or physical we can dig deap and clean out the stress and trauma, that is the root course of your problems

Kimi Sand - Hynotherapist

Get better health and better relationships via hypnosis
You deserve a good life and relationship. Start where life is complicated and find the quickest solution to the problem

Simon Clarke - Qi Gong instructor

Learn to relax in this unique way that is called moving meditation and has been the tool for maintaining good health for millions of people in 1000s of years.

Mild exersice for all is a lovely sideeffect of this traditional sport

Indoor biking made fun with iQniter device

Streneous excersise is important to reduce stress as often as possible.
Stress build up in the body as adrenaline. It is important to get rid of it as fast as possible.
But it is difficult if you do not join a class. With this belt you can use your heart as a fine feedback measure.