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When this is said, remember that science is evolving. We have had in history have had centuries where heavy metals were used as a killer of diseases, we have had the 4 humors, that is eg. bloodletting. We have had pill cures for a century.

Now the time has come for apps and devices. So maybe in 50 years, the time has come for connecting mental and physical health.
If you do not have time to wait for science to take up the subject as a whole, you must trust all the substudies that are made that tell you that so many things can be done to become better. Here is a link to a collection of examples that might guide you in that direction.
The alternative therapists is the frontrunner in this progression of knowledge, that cannot be peer rewieved. Revolutions do not come from the establishe world.

We just focus on reducing all your stressors and that will help you.

The decision is yours: wait for proof or take responsibility for your own health.

For decades the word chronic meaning long time was interpreated as “forever”.

It is time to turn it back again. Yes you got a chronic diacnose and it will take some time to regain health again. When the stressor that “broke the camels back” has settle down and you get a little more energy it is time to reduce you stressors.

Most of your symptoms is probaly varying. Give yourself a chance and reduce that stress, and you will of cause become better as you become better and better to this skill. On this site you can learn how.

You might have a core of symptoms and stress makes them bigger. Why not work with the stress so you more and more often have less and less stress.
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