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Do you know why the cure for diseases are not found?

Maybe 90% ogf diseases we today call chronic disease are in my perspective stress- diseases.
That is – you will never find a pill cure.

Instead you can start working with yourself to become the healthiest and calmest version of yourself. That will slowly help you to become better. It is easier if you know how and that is why I have made an online course about how to do this.

Why is this not out in the world already? It is because it cost some money, even this webpage coast som money.

IF you will help me you can buy an online course or start funding me. eg. via the links below.

I need active people If we shall succeed with the mission of spreading the word to other people. Even mailing me with a broken link or a clumsy sentence or structure will help me 🙂

Thanks in advance

Gary Sharp have helped me a lot from February 2022 - listen to his messages to me while helping me to a bigger audience

I try my best to change the world through more positive beliefs for people with stress-related symptoms, chronic disease, and other diseases. There is so much to do.
My favorite is stress reduction, as most symptoms are stress-related.

I offer you self-help tools for faster progress.