Qi Gong with Simon Clarke
Qi Gong with Simon Clarke

Who is Simon Clarke and Neuro Qi Gong

Simon is an excellent example of the HOPE Shortcut theory – of course, you can become a lot better. He is in the process of helping himself to relax and release from Fight Flight and Freezes by using Qi Gong. He finds this practice very beneficial and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. When we help others- we help ourselves.

Simon is a certified teacher in Qi Gong and runs practice sessions on Zoom (see the event calender). These can be done standing or sitting down. 

If you would like to join a session, please email Simon for more information.

I felt hope return
- back in the calm state again

Zhineng Qi Gong

I teach a form of QiGong called Zhineng which translates to wisdom healing. It was developed in China by Dr Pang Ming in the 1980’s based on his considerable experience and research into Western medicine, Chinese traditional medicine, Martial arts and various Eastern philosophies. On the surface this is very simple and can be practiced by anyone regardless of age or physical condition.

There are many benefits to the practice which work holistically to nourish body, mind and emotions through a form of gentle moving meditation
I have found myself to be calmer, more centred and balanced from practicing QiGong. It has allowed me to be hopeful that I can continue to live well.

I tried various healing modalities, but it was when I came across Qi Gong, I felt I had found something that could really help me to help myself.

The first class I attended was like coming home to my body.

Neuro QiGong introduction

QiGong is a Chinese form of moving meditation. Qi translated as energy and Gong as work or play. In QiGong terms, illness is a symptom of blocked energy or Qi. It is through gently practicing QiGong that these blockages can be opened. The body and mind relax, tension and stress are released, and healing can happen

The Nervous system

Now when I get stressed, I can feel symptoms increase and this is a signal for me to relax and come back into my body centre. Time for Qi Gong

Simons History with Parkinson's Disease

Simon tells about why he chose Qi Gong

8 years ago, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Conventional wisdom is this condition is “incurable, progressive and degenerative”.

For a few years prior to diagnosis, I had felt that there was something wrong inside my body but did not know what it was and tried my best to ignore it. For the first year after diagnosis, I fought hard to continue living my life as I had. Then slowly I came to realise that I needed to change my life, take responsibility for my health, and take a more active role.

I realised that my body had become habituated to stress for many years. This stress had become trapped in my body and the Parkinson’s symptoms of stiffness, slowness and shaking were an external manifestation of an internal state. Much has been written about the “fight, flight or freeze” mechanism which served our ancestors so well when being pursued by hungry predators. However, it does not serve so well in modern life where we are constantly surrounded and bombarded by information and stimulation.

We do not allow ourselves time to relax and reset the nervous system through the “rest and recovery” cycle – this is here Qi Gong help me and I can help you .

Simon gives a solid Example of his training

Why not use 1000 of years of knowledge inherited from family to family

Jacob Kidney – Yoga and Bike
Jacob Kidney – Yoga and Bike

Who is Jacob Kidney

Hello everyone!

My name is Jacob Kidney. I have had essential tremors since I was eight years old, my mother has cervical dystonia, my stepfather has early-onset Parkinson’s, and my father has had Parkinson’s for more than 25 years.

Come join my free weekly classes and get moving!

Contact me: essentialmovements4et@gmail.com

Be in the Moment and Discover what Movement is Essential for you


Biking helps me get rid of adrenaline ad is an important part of my dayly activities. By joining my bikink class i can help you with the same. You only need an indoor bike and a computer in front of you to join.


Yoga has helped me immensely to find more balance for my movement disorder. So much so that I decided to become a yoga teacher because I think it is something that can be very beneficial to many people with movement disorders.

Just Breathe

 I have my 200 hour yoga teacher training certification and also I have an additional certification which specializes me in teaching yoga for people with Parkinson’s. I was trained by a yoga therapist by the name of Theresa Conroy who has been doing yoga for the Parkinson’s foundation for more than 10 years. I am in the process of creating a free exercise program for people with movement disorders.

William Blake

“To see the world in a grain of sand

and heaven in a wildflower
hold infinity in the palm of your hands
and eternity in an hour.”


The current schedule is as follows:

  • virtual cycling every Tuesday evening 7-8pm EST.
  • Gentle Yoga every Thursday evening 8-9pm EST.

I will be opening more classes in the near future as interest grows. Also, I offer private one on one classes for a charge.

Why not get started

Education and Certified in


“it’s gentle enough that anyone can do it”

I really enjoy taking yoga classes with Jacob. With my physical limitations it has helped me with focusing on my breathing and taking breaks or stretching as needed. Also, I like the fact that it’s gentle enough that anyone can do it and if you can’t do a certain move you can modify it to what you can do. I’m so grateful that you are doing these classes ~ Thank you​
Liz Lewis

“For me, inactivity can also lead to pain and discomfort”

I’ve been attending Jake’s virtual cycling class for a little over a month now. I like cycling because it puts little pressure on my joints but is an extremely effective exercise. Virtual cycling is even better than doing it on my own, it adds a social aspect (we chat while stretching before cycling) and also adds accountability. Both things I need, especially during covid times. I had greatly decreased my activeness due to covid. For me, inactivity can also lead to joint pain and discomfort from my rheumatoid arthritis. Jake is a great teacher and has incorporated stretches into our routine tailored for each persons’ mobility.
Caitlin Trimble.

“I am so pleased”

I am so pleased to be participating in the Virtual Yoga Class with Jacob Kidney.
This class is especially for people with movement disorders, with participants from around the world. He has shown himself to be a very caring & genuine person, who focuses on the student’s needs & abilities. He checks in prior to the class, to let us know what his plan for the class is, and if we have any concerns in being able to perform the planned activities. He is very concerned about each individual, finding that perfect balance between not pushing too far…but still challenging us to do what we are able. I enjoy the flow of the class. Starting out with a brief “how are you” & “meet other group participants”. Then class begins with relaxation breathing, yoga exercises, & some free-style movements. He plays a variety of music, has an encouraging & calming presence, while providing very clear instructions, stressing safety & modified ways to perform the movements. After class he asks how we are feeling, if we had any particularly difficult exercises, and reviews exercises we can do throughout the week. Love this class! ​
Aneice Farrer

Contact me for an individual training program