Gary Sharpe

Dr Gary Sharpe, Phd, is a scientist and engineer by background, diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease in 2009.

 After six years of dying inside, he started “Out-Thinking Parkinson’s” in order to pursue pragmatic and practical solutions towards progressive symptom reduction for people with Parkinson’s Disease.

 Today, Out-Thinking Parkinson’s has become a major resource, where Gary and colleagues from around the world, who also have an insider’s perspective of PD, share their knowledge, philosophies and experience of living well with PD, and, also, record their stories of recovery.

strongly science backed, focused on pragmatic, practical and applicable research
Out-Thinking Parkinson's Progressive Symptom Reduction Strategies for Parkinson's Disease

Stress, Situations, Symptoms and Parkinson's Disease

It is in the nature of chronic diseases, such as Parkinson’s Disease, that symptoms manifest most when our survival instincts (fight, flight, freeze) take over our body’s function. This is why the severity and range of symptoms can vary moment to moment, hour to hour, or day by day, according to how stressed or how relaxed we are in that moment, for most chronic diseases

The Nervous system

Right now I am preparing an online course that explain diseases in a detailed perspective.


We explored a myriad of ways in which the various biochemical steps of the internal production of Dopamine could break down, leading to the Dopamine deficiencies in the body (including the gut and the eyes) and the brain, as is the case for people with Parkinson’s Disease

Real Life Improvement for People Affected by Diseases, from an Insider’s Perspective

Why Do We Do It?
Simply to help stop the suffering of People with Parkinson’s and their families as quickly as possible.

Who Is It For?
We are focused on providing information and knowledge for everyone, including People affected by Parkinson’s and those involved in their care, therapy and treatment, as well as education for the general public, students and the media.

What’s In It for People with Parkinson’s?
Significant reductions in both symptoms and drug-induced side effects. Significant reduction in health and care costs. Improved quality of life.

Why not use yourself as a study case