Irene Treazy



International Holistic Parkinson's Coach
I provide personalized support to clients worldwide through one-on-one private coaching, group coaching, and online programs.


Helping you rethink your relationship with Parkinson´s

Empowering you to slow the progression by adapting and maintaining healthy lifestyle behaviour’s through scientifically proven modalities. Providing practical, beneficial, easy to follow, cost-effective educational & exercise program’s that WILL improve your quality of life.


Our transformative Parkinson’s Retreats are changing experience tailored specifically for those living with Parkinson’s. Join International Parkinson’s Coach Irene Treacy to engage in physical, mental and spiritual teachings

These retreats are a unique opportunity to explore new techniques for slowing the progression of Parkinson’s while enjoying the healing environment of Lanzarote.

These retreats aren’t just about managing Parkinson’s – they’re about reclaiming your independence and joy, and shaping a future filled with possibilities. 

Smovey is a multi-award winning vibration therapy tool

Invented by a man with Parkinson’s to improve mobility, flexiblity and more.

Smovey is generating the vibration. This vibration occurs within a frequency range that is in consonance with the human organism. It is immediately palpable in the palms of the hands.

  1. Activates surfaces and deep muscles
    Stimulates the nervous system
  2. Supports the lymphatic flow
  3. Promotes metabolism and blood circulation
  4. Strengthens cardiovascular system and endurance
  5. Trains balance, coordination and agility




“ I can't explain how it works - I just know it does!”

I have Multiple Sclerosis for 22 years now. Its affecting me more in recently, I find it very debilitating & restricting. I was introduced to Smovey 4 weeks ago by my friend in MS Ireland and was then given classes on by Irene. I do most of the exercises sitting down and have increased strength in my arms. I can honestly say that I feel so much better since I have started using Smovey I am bringing them on holiday with me as I'd hate to miss my exercises with them. I would highly recommend Smovey to everybody.
Eileen Nolan - Waterford, Ireland

“ What a fantastic course”

I joined, unsure whether I would learn anything, as a retired doctor I thought I was fairly well versed on the various treatment options available... Topics ranged from gratitude, breathing and why we shouldn't watch the news, to the stages of grief, visualisation, meditation and many more. I learned something new almost every day, I have put into practice many of the things we learned as they make me feel better.It was great to meet wonderful, funny & inspirational people on the course & whom I still meet on a weekly in the Graduate course.
Dr. S Lorimor (retired) - Dundee, Scotland

Why not take a shortcut to better health via Irenes openminded presence and yearlong experience