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Weekly instalments of lessons learned in the crucible of chronic illness by Gary Sharpe, exclusively for members of the HOPE-shortcut Member’s Area.

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Current Schedule:

About (Week 1); A Lack of Oxygen to the Brain (Weeks 2); Busy Anxious Thoughts (Week 3); Damage and Injury to the Neck (Week 4); Broken Sleep and How to Fix It (Week 5); Histamine and Dopamine (Week 6); Dopamine Cell Receptors (Week 7); Music-as-Medicine: Listening (Week 8); The Cell Danger Response (Week 9);  Endocannabinoid and Dopamine (Week 10); Diminished Life Force (Week 11); The Divided Brain (Week 12), Dopamine Production: Phenylalanine (Week 13)

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