Day 4 Body Memories/Summing Up

Our tribal characteristics (4 minutes)

Humans are herd animals, and it is obvious in many different situations. But how is it related to stress?

Body Memory (6 minutes)

Here I tell you about one of our human superpowers. This power kept your ancestors alive 100,000 years ago. But now, it is often a burden.

Summing up – Stress and the placebo effect (5 minutes)

Each video provides a piece of evidence on how stress and the placebo effect are related. It is no coincidence that we ended up with the view on health we have right now. If you accept my viewpoints, your future will look brighter.

The only reason that a lot of diseases do not have a “plan for improvement” is due to these problems:

  • You need a strong urge to use the time to collect information
  • You need to be able to shape this information into a useful perspective
  • You need to be able to put the information into web pages or videos
  • You need to have good marketing skills to distribute information around the world
  • You need to speak English well

Even though I am not perfect in all of the above, I hope that this course gives you a good overview of the “alternative” science available worldwide.

I have found a modern clinic in Kazakhstan that treats people with chronic diseases exactly how I would (link to an interview I made with them). By helping the whole person, not only the MECHANICAL parts as if we WERE a machine. If we searched for this clinic, we would not be able to understand their Cyrillic alphabet. The leader says that 95% of their clients with chronic diseases had SOME stress in the year before diagnosis.  

HOMEWORK to do during the week
My clients often tell me that they regret not having a video about their symptoms and showing them. Because as you get better, you forget how it was. So why not start with this.

I invite you to reinforce your journey towards better health by making a video of yourself. Of course, you can write it if you prefer or record a sound file.

BUT you get a lot of other information when you later look at your face and listen to your voice.

The choice is, of course, yours.

A video will show your mood and maybe even symptoms.

Please make a list on paper of your typical symptoms and feelings and rate them:

If 0 is no symptoms and 10 is the worst symptoms you have ever had, how bad are your symptoms during a typical day?

Record yourself (video or voice) talking about the below subjects.
1. The list from above:
Describe as good as you can this variation of your symptoms.
Describe your feelings.
2. What are your thoughts about your disease,
3. How are your general health?
4. In which situation are your symptoms a problem?
5. How is your relationships: family or friends.
6. What is your view of the future?

Save this recording in a safe place, e.g., google docs. When you, 6 months-2 years from now, look at this video, you will be able to see your progress IF you did follow the course with persistence.

Next week

  • You will get the module about how to observe your symptoms
  • You will get the library with more than 100 links to articles, videos, and web pages. The links support my viewpoints and will help you to get new supporting beliefs.

Module overview