Day 1 Module H – New Hope Copy

Welcome to new HOPE

My introduction to the course (3 minutes)

Note: I am a Dane, so English is my 2nd language 🙂 You will get used to my accent.

Do you have questions during the course? (2 minutes)

Below you can view short videos about a new perspective on the human body, stress, and instincts.

You can view them in order or choose the ones that interest you first.

It turns out that many diseases get worse with stress. Conversely, you can get healthier if you “fight” stress long enough and hard enough. I have investigated how people with chronic illnesses get healthier by fighting stress. I have been helping to reduce stress in people with Parkinson’s disease, so I know it is doable.

If you don’t think you can get better, then you can’t do anything active. Hope is, therefore, essential for you to become active.

Please think of this HOPE module as a rewrite of the mindset we have learned in our upbringing.

The world and the beliefs that surround us are continually changing. If you adopt the mindset below, stress, symptoms, powerful feelings, and diseases will be much easier to understand. If you understand why you have symptoms and that it is possible to do something to help yourself, it is easier to become persistent. It took years for you to get into this state, so it will also take time to reverse your physical and mental state for the better.

Diseases and new hope (9 minutes)

How science changes what is right and wrong and how good news travels slowly.

Placebo effect (10 minutes)

The placebo effect is the only alternative form of healing proven by science thousands of times, so everyone acknowledges this effect. That is why I start explaining how this strong power is vital in changing your belief.

You must let go of your old beliefs in what is right or wrong. So here are two videos that I hope can do this job, if my presentations are not enough.

Module overview