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Reduce your symptoms by reducing your stress.
A toxic childhood, bullying, a stressful relationship, and a busy job are some of the reasons you end up with a disease. Please do something about it and become better.

Who is Lilian Sjøberg

I am a biologist, coach, and therapist working to help people get rid of stress. I have specialized in reducing stress-related symptoms in people with chronic diseases. It is very new that a focus on stress reduction can help people with Parkinson’s disease.

Read what some my clients have to say to learn more about the results that can be achieved .
From my experiences I have developed a concept that I call the “HOPE shortcut”. And it works very well!

Autor of the online course
HOPE Shortcut

an online course for you that want to know more and start on your own road towards better health:

Did you know that Parkinson’s is a stress disease – and a lot of other diseases are as well?
Your symptoms are very closely related to the stress in your life. The more stress – the bigger or more prolonged the symptoms. That is why I call it a stress disease.

HOPE coaching

I have invented the HOPE coaching model based on how people around the world get better combind with the results of my clients
  • NEW Hope
  • Observe symptoms
  • Pacify stress – Remove root cause
  • Engage

This system helps you to improve as fast as possible. It is the reason why I have made this portal. When you have understood the principles for how you can get better you can find the help via the menu.
My own coaching and theraphy helps you to find the root cause to your problem and eliminate them forever.

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About Lilian

I have for 5 years adressed the difficult issues about chronic diseases.

Through this work, I have learned that our brains and emotions have a far greater impact on our physical well-being than most human can even imagine.


Based on my biological knowledge, I can explain why you end up getting the symptoms you have whether it is physical or mental.

By removing this sharp division into mental and physical symptoms, you can double up on the tools you can use to get better.

Free intoduction speech

30 minutes for you that are thinking on a series of sessions.

3 x 2½ hours - for you with a specific problem

You already know you have a problem from the past that need to be looked at and reduced

10 x 3 sessions
(2.5 hours per session)

For you who are affected by illness and diagnoses and are ready to take an active part in the fight for a better life

Stress reduction reduce symptoms

Everybody agrees that symptoms are stress-related.
The more stress the bigger symptoms you get:

  • Why not give yourself the gift to find out where your core of symptoms is. Maybe it is not very big
  • Get knowledge in the online course or 1:1 therapy from me or another of the therapists in the platform.

We do the possible, and the result is small revolution.

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“The circle of support”

I am currently working with Lilian through her Hope Shortcut programme.
This has identified my levels of stress which impacts on the level of adrenaline increasing the level of dopamine. Through learning new techniques, I can control my Parkinson's symptoms enabling me to improve my life. I am happy to recommend her therapy as this helps to support and improve the regime of medication.
Richard Underwood - the Rickety Warrior

“I shake about 80% less”

My right arm and hand are better, I shake about 80% less. My handwriting has improved. I can brush my teeth with my right arm again after 7 years. I have reduced my medication at least 25% (madopar and entacapone). I have more courage to keep my job, One more important thing is I’m excited and anticipating the next little bit of progress. Before treatment I was thinking of when I would have to increase my medicine dose.
Michael Pedersen


“Of course you can get better”

Lilian is here to bust up old patterns and assumptions and evolve our way of thinking about stress and chronic illness. Lilian does not base her approach on foregone assumptions about the mechanics of Parkinson’s Disease. Lilian looks at each person individually and looks at each symptom as an overactive symptom of stress. She has developed a multi-step program to begin to alleviate the symptoms of chronic disease. The beginning point is the recognition that there is hope.
Nicole St. Arnoud

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