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Nervous System In Chronic Illness ​

Nervous System in Chronic Illness

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Gary Sharpe's course about his understanding of diseases and the nervous system

“The common underlying problem is the modern world, and how we attend to it”

My real world lived experience of a chronic illness diagnosis, and my subsequent years of research into such conditions, leads me to conclusion that the real root cause of many instances of chronic illness is habitually spending most of our time in defensive Nervous System states, connected with chronic stress.

The common underlying problem is the modern world, and how we attend to it - how we present to the world, and act and re-act in it. The hyper-novel nature of modern life, and the coping patterns we develop in our attempts to survive in it, can both keep our Nervous Systems in a state of permanent chronic stress, that is ruinous for our health.
Gary sharpe

Introduction to Nervous System In Chronic Illness​

I don't believe that nutritional deficits, infections or toxins are always the ultimate root causes in many cases of chronic illness, although these can add stress to our bodies, but instead it is usually a lifetime of living in defensive states of chronic stress that leads to depletion of various life-giving nutritional compounds in our brains and bodies, destroys our Immune System’s ability to fend of pathogens, and disrupts our detoxification pathways leaving us susceptible to poisoning by chemicals. 

Indeed, I have come to understand that, even if a drug or supplement was found tomorrow, which relieved the symptoms, it would just be "papering over the cracks", because it would not be addressing the real root causes.  So we will just eventually fall back into illness and disease, perhaps with a different disease label, and new and old symptoms will eventually once again emerge. 

In the end, therefore, change is the only real possibility for a long term “cure”. Change which involves understanding and identifying parts of the modern environment which are triggering us, and addressing or removing ourselves from as many of these as possible, and changing much about the way we attend and present to the world that make us vulnerable and susceptible to disease in the first place. 

This new course is designed to cover this concept that the root cause of many chronic illnesses is chronic stress, how this impacts on the Nervous System, the practical steps we can take to address this, and hence how to achieve symptom reduction. It draws together the research, studies and written articles by myself on theme of the Nervous System, and the role of its dysregulation in chronic illness. 

It is intended to be pragmatic and accessible, and is for people with chronic issues themselves, caregivers and therapists alike. 
Mainly text based learning, with carefully chosen, illustrative and instructive supporting video content. I will continue to be build the content in order to transfer as much of my knowledge as possible. Think of it as a dynamic, growing, and evolving e-resource.

Who is Gary sharpe?

Gary Sharpe is the person behind the course, which is intended as a precursor to Lilian Sjoberg’s online stress course “HOPE Shortcut”.

He is an expert on the theoretical knowledge behind stress, and diseases and what these do to you and your health.

He has Parkinson’s Disease himself and has himself found ways to progressively reduce his symptoms.



Why buy as a package including Lilian Sjøberg’s courses?

While my course can be purchased on its own, my preferred option is that people buy it as the combination package with Lilian’s course. Indeed, the course was conceived and written while I was helping Lilian get her own course and stress test into the world, and hence these are part of its context from the outset (access to Lilian’s Stress Test already comes as an integral bonus part of my course).

To encourage this, I have reduced the cost of my part by 50% if you buy the package, and Lilian is setting the Stress test free for my course.

The reason we started to pool resources in the first place was because we found we independently have come to very similar conclusions through our own years of study and research, although we arrived at these from very different angles, and by looking at the problem through quiet different lenses.

For example, we are the only people we know who have independently understood the ramifications of the Dopamine-Adrenaline connection for chronic illnesses.

We believe we are both good at synthetizing knowledge, seeing patterns, and holistic thinking, but one from a biological perspective, while the other via an engineering approach, and one from a therapist’s perspective while the other from the point of view of a person with a chronic illness.

In this way, the two resources we have created are highly complementary, and support and re-enforce each other, together providing a uniquely empowering combination. Both are pragmatic, and each contain both theoretical underpinnings and practical steps to take.

However, the Nervous System in Chronic Illness course provides more detailed background knowledge that supports the more detailed practical step-by-step recovery plan of the HOPE-shortcut course that can be further supported by one-to-one coaching with Lilian. Conversely, the HOPE-shortcut method provides a ready-made, definite, detailed plan of action for implementing the concepts and knowledge delivered in the Nervous Systems in Chronic Illness course.


For 99$ you get access to this course and the stress test

The course consists of ever expanding chapters of knowledge .

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When you want to proceed to the next level you get a discount.

This course will help you to understand yourself and other people, know the root causes of chronic illness and learn pragmatic information to help yourself and others. 

The day you want to do something about your stress and symptoms, the next level is the online HOPE shortcut course where you build a platform on how to make a transformation from symptomatic to more healthy person

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