Nervous System in Chronic Illness

Nervous System In Chronic Illness ​

Nervous System in Chronic Illness

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Pragmatic knowledge and tools for reducing symptoms of chronic illness and trauma.
Suitable for: people with chronic conditions, caregivers, and therapists.

Introduction to Nervous System In Chronic Illness​

Cost: $99 one-time payment

What you get:

  • Access to the course for 1 year
  • Access to bonus materials as they are added
  • Free access to the Stress Test
  • Access to the HOPE-shortcut private facebook group for QA
  • Invitation to join weekly group calls with Lilian Sjoberg
  • 50% discount for the HOPE-shortcut online course.

Main Curriculum

  • Nervous Systems
  • Calm, Relaxation, Restoration
  • Cranial Nerves
  • Adrenaline and Mobilization
  • The Gut as the Second Brain
  • Freeze and Immobilization
  • Safety and Threat
  • Descent into Disease
  • The Road to Recovery

The learning material is mainly textual​

Each section is split into small lessons​

Including carefully chosen practical and instructional videos.​

The system remembers where you’ve gotten to, so you can start where you left off and can take the course at your own pace.

Bonus material is regularly added

Currently this includes bonus extended modules on:

  • Fascia and Connective Tissue
  • The Diaphragm
  • Breathing Regulation and Dysregulation (Under Construction)
  • My Recommended Book List

Who is Gary sharpe?

Gary Sharpe is the person behind the course, which is intended as a more theoretical foundation to Lilian Sjoberg’s more hands on online stress course “HOPE Shortcut”.

He is an expert on the theoretical knowledge behind stress, and diseases and what these do to you and your health.

He has Parkinson’s Disease himself and has himself found ways to progressively reduce his symptoms.

Currently working with Lilian to get rid of dystonia and digging into her way of helping people.

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Why buy as a package including Lilian Sjøberg’s courses?

While my course can be purchased on its own, my preferred option is that people buy it as the combination package with Lilian’s course. Indeed, the course was conceived and written while I was helping Lilian get her own course and stress test into the world, and hence these are part of its context from the outset (access to Lilian’s Stress Test already comes as an integral bonus part of my course).

To encourage this, I have reduced the cost of my part by 50% if you buy the package, and Lilian is setting the Stress test free for my course.

The reason we started to pool resources in the first place was because we found we independently have come to very similar conclusions through our own years of study and research, although we arrived at these from very different angles, and by looking at the problem through quiet different lenses.

For example, we are the only people we know who have independently understood the ramifications of the Dopamine-Adrenaline connection for chronic illnesses.

We believe we are both good at synthetizing knowledge, seeing patterns, and holistic thinking, but one from a biological perspective, while the other via an engineering approach, and one from a therapist’s perspective while the other from the point of view of a person with a chronic illness.

In this way, the two resources we have created are highly complementary, and support and re-enforce each other, together providing a uniquely empowering combination. Both are pragmatic, and each contain both theoretical underpinnings and practical steps to take.

However, the Nervous System in Chronic Illness course provides more detailed background knowledge that supports the more detailed practical step-by-step recovery plan of the HOPE-shortcut course that can be further supported by one-to-one coaching with Lilian. Conversely, the HOPE-shortcut method provides a ready-made, definite, detailed plan of action for implementing the concepts and knowledge delivered in the Nervous Systems in Chronic Illness course.

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