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Hi all

You have bought the HOPE shortcut online course.

This is a page that tells about how to log in.

If you just need the link, it is here:
Direct to the login page (If you have logged out)

Direct to the course – click here:
IF you have checkmark “Remember Me” the last time

Starting up
Here is how to log in

The set up is a little primitive. It will change when more people buy the course. I have worked to find out sll this knowledge for 5 years for free. When I get more money from the course I will invest in better facilities.

You eighter payed via paypal and get an automatic mail. OR you payed wit a credit card and get a mail from me.

PAYPAL: Find the email

  • You receive a mail from WordPress
    (look in your spam folder if you have not got one or write to me on
  • If you cannot find it search for the word WordPress or HOPEshortcut
  • Change your password via the first link.
    TIP: use a road and number from an address in your past. That provides a strong password. Save it together with your other password. Maybe in a spreadsheet or notebook.
  • Use the second link from the mail to log in to WordPress who is the service the webpage is made in, or use this link:

use this link to login and change the password


Paypal and creditcard

Log in to the platform

Use this link to login and change the password:

  • To log in, use your email address and your new password.
  • If you checkmark “remember me,” you make life a little easier the next time you visit the online course.

NB: it is via this link you can also get a new password if you forget it or you bought via creditcard

Find the course

  • DO NOT waste your time on the page!!!!!!!
  • GO directly to the top right corner and click on your name. A menu will dropdown.

Find the course in the top right menu

  • After pressing your name, a menu folds out.
  • Click the last menu item called LP Profile

On the Enrolled page

  • Scroll down until you see the course you bought
  • Click on the name on the course

    The course page will open

The course

  • The Overview Tab contains information about the course
  • The Curriculum tab contains all the lessons

The course contains lessons you can follow every week
And short “in-between” messages to help you get new beliefs that help the transition towards better health

"I have got new hope
and belief that I can recover"

Kathy Devos
Have a Parkinsons diagnosi

Why not build on knowledge for better health