No Silver bullet

The group is for people with Parkinson’s that are starting to take action and helping themself out of their problems.

There are so many things you can do to become better.
In this group, you get new knowledge about vitamins, devices, tools, tips, and other exciting knowledge, that in one way or the other MAYBE can make you better.

So the group is experimental, but you of course decide the level yourself – only knowledge is spread out in this group.

NB: the time can change if the speaker is in a different timezone

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Learn to Reduce Symptoms in Chronic diseases by addressing related Stress

We take on subjects that helps you reduce stress and kickstart your personal development in these group calls.

  • Feelings: How can we interpret them
  • Beliefs: How can we change them, so they support us better
  • Toxic people: How do we handle them
  • Traumas: How can we settle them down, so we get smaller symptoms:
  • And a lot more

You will also meet more people that are on the same journey as you towards better health. Being social is part of a healthy life as well.

Use this link to get started:
this is for people that have been through the online course and want to continue in group calls.

You will get an email with the zoom link, but you can also find it on this event, below the text


Lilian Sjøberg.
Feel free to ask any questions and suggest subjects for a session.

QI Gong exercises

Qi-Gong with Simon Clarke (free)
Calming and soft training for people with symptoms and diseases.

Write to Simon Clarke for link to zoom at

Please tell you come from HOPEshortcut portal the first time you enter 🙂

Meeting in Facebook group: Living with Parkinson daily. Live

All are welcome regardless of disease.

Every Saturday we meet for social networking of speeches.<br>

How to live a healthy life with your disease.
Until now it has been yoga, dancing, Living with your symptoms

Zoom id is ZOOM. ID 857 878 9087

the password you get by reaching out to Jose via his messenger facebook profile here