Lilian Sjøberg

I am a certified coach and therapist.
I have specialized in people with chronic diseases as Parkinson’s.

You have probably noticed that your symptoms vary during your day. Symptoms follow your level of stress in a 1:1 relationship.
A day with smaller stress means smaller symptoms.

I am on a mission to show the world that reducing stress in numerous ways will help you reduce your symptoms.
That is why I made the HOPEshortcut portal to collect professionals and events that will help you to reduce your stress.

I am a specialist in reducing the root course of your stress.

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OR if you want to get the knowledge and bigger picture Get started with the HOPEshortcurt online course. See more by following this link

Lilian Sjøberg
I also have a master’s in biology, and this is building a bridge towards science. Yes, I can explain why all this works and is an essential clue in the fight against stress-related symptoms and diseases

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