Who is Chris Irwin

Chris Irwin is a former U.S. Navy SEAL veteran and mind fitness coach. After exiting the military, he struggled for over a decade with chronic mental and physical illness. Every day was a mix of panic attacks, brain fog, fatigue, dizziness, and other debilitating symptoms. But despite seeing dozens of doctors, trying all sorts of alternative therapies, and ingesting thousands of supplements, nothing fixed his problems. In 2019, he got so low that he nearly took his own life. Then, he started examining his mind in depth, identifying destructive behaviors, and training himself toward better ones. The reality was that even with all his training on how to be mentally tough, he wasn’t mentally fit.
The bridge between PTSD and Parkinsons

A soldier go to war as a whole person and come home broken due to Post-traumatic stress disorder. Everyone know this relations ship and have an understanding of this connection.
What only a few realize is that a person with a chronic disease like Parkinsons have signs of PTSD but cannot relate to which of the episodes in their life that gave them these symptoms. They instead have a few bigger and many smaller traumas - or body memmories as we call it.

Lilian Sjøberg Founder of HOPEshortcut.com

Chris and Hopeshortcut

Gary Sharpe introduced Lilian to Irwin and this interview became the start of this cooperation. Chris can help us reach working Americans in their primetime

Chris' recovery

The shift toward recovery happened when he realized all the ways his mind was at the root of his illness and started working to reverse the damage he was doing. Over the next few years, he explored every aspect of mental training he could find, from meditation and breathing to emotional release techniques and energy work. Eventually, he rid himself of all his symptoms, including the physical ones, and emerged with a new lease on life and an understanding of what it takes to build a genuinely fit mind.

Treating invisible wounds

Unfortunately, very few people understand the power they have to heal themselves. Chris’ mission now is to teach others the methods he uncovered in a structured methodology. Treating invisible wounds, decoding mysterious conditions, and ultimately thriving are all possible. And none of it requires supplements, drugs, or therapy.

The seven mind killers

Chris’ work centers on the seven “mind-killers,” tendencies we all have to sabotage our mental health, and learning effective countermeasures for each. His holistic approach involves meditation, breathwork, journaling, and other exercises designed to develop better mental habits and build mind fitness.


“Chris helped me change the way I act and react to my own self talk. He gave me suggestions to work on my internal thought process that changed the way I think about myself. I have never been in a better head space, I have never been this focused, and I have truly never been this happy.”
Conor Murphy
Trainer, Big Night Fitness
"A few years ago, I was in an extremely dark place. I felt closed off, shameful, distant, and feared everything. Chris helped guide me in ways to see clearly again. I can’t recommend Chris’ material enough to firefighters across the nation.”
Travis Evans
"What really hit home for us was looking at mental fitness the same way we look at health and wellness. I'd never really thought of it that way. It's such a clarifying way of looking at a complex topic. To be able to have somebody like Chris bring that to light was huge. I can't recommend him enough.”
Danny Matta
Founder, PT Biz

Why not use real live experiences to recover