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Mobility Coaching

Who is Conner Trott

As a physical therapist and Parkinson’s specialist, I knew there has to be a better way to help people diagnosed with Parkinson’s make a lifestyle change to incorporate therapeutic mobility as part of their daily routine.
I have blended my 7 years of education into a WholeHearted system which blends functional neurology and functional mobility to integrate mind and body and regain your ability to move freely and easily.

I want to give you the foundational knowledge that I have as a physical therapist to empower your ability to create therapeutic programming for yourself and confidently build yourself a stronger body with every movement you do.

The WholeHearted Movement Renewal System

reclaim your mobility

I can help you make a healing, movement based lifestyle part of your new life. My year-long program starts from the heart outward, providing you with the knowledge of how you are mechanically designed and coaches you through how to self assess your physical limitations, reclaim your mobility, and fully embody your spirit.

The idea - short

1. Understand your Heart
2. Deconstruct your Body
3. Challenge Your Status Quo
4. Aim for Your Future
5. Reclaim Your Independence

The program

A hybrid coaching program delivered through educational videos, weekly group coaching sessions, private one on one guidance, and a private online community. 

I will take you through the process of learning and implementing neuromechanics, biomechanics, mind/body self assessment, and goal-setting in order for you to create your new movement based lifestyle that works uniquely for you.


reconnect our heart to our physical body

We will start with the heart and learn amazing things about how it really is the fiery engine of our body and soul, and then utilize physical and mental techniques to reconnect our heart to our physical body. We will go from head to toe learning about the joints of the body individually, and how they integrate together to allow us to stand erect, move, and interact with the world outside of ourselves. 

a point of exploration.

We’ll discuss how and why we want to build strength, flexibility, and cardiac endurance and learn how to continually assess ourselves to build ourselves better.

My goal for my clients is not only for movement to be a daily habit, but a point of continual therapeutic curiosity and exploration.

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Education and Certified in

Professional Certifications:
LSVT BIG and PWR!Moves Certified
Functional Range Conditioning Certified
HeartMath Certified Practitioner


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