Richard Underwood
Richard Underwood

Who is Richard Underwood

Volunteer Parkinson’s Speaker and Advocate Richard, the founder of Rickety Warrior, has brought together a community of exercise Instructors, wellbeing, and lifestyle coaches to manage their Parkinson’s condition more effectively. Rickety Warrior has participated in several research projects worldwide, which will enable Parkinson’s people to have a better life with the disease. The group is there to support, educate and empower people to lead a better life living with the symptoms of Parkinson’s.
Rickety Warrior lives by its motto ‘Resolute, Positivity, Determination’ in everything it undertakes.

Richard explaining the HOPE shortcut concept

Richard has himself suffered from the problems it is getting a diagnosis. Neurologists and doctors do provide medication, but there is a lot more information and help.
To ensure that people always can get help he is now helping to push the HOPEshorcut out globally via all his connections and networking.
See this video where he explains more

Rickety Warrior

The expertise within the group has enabled us to be keynote speakers at conferences and educational days around the world. Rickety Warrior has been invited onto BBC radio and television and presented on several global radio and television stations.


Richard is in many groups and knows what is going on around the world.

Richard Uses Nordic poles to facilitate longer walks

  • Helps your balance
  • Excersice arms as well
  • Give a more secure trip and more pleasure


Why not walk and see where it brings you

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